Typhoons 2018



According to the current forecast, no way. I haven’t unleashed any Doom Paul “IT’S HAPPENING” gif yet.


Some “minor” differences between GFS and ECMWF models.

Option A): one typhoon fucks off in the middle of the ocean, the other one makes landfall next to Hong Kong. No serious impact on Taiwan.

Option B) : one typhoon goes to Vietnam, the other one pours water for days on the Philippines then gives the middle finger to Kaohsiung and makes landfall basically at their Ikea store

Still too early for my HAPPENING gifs.


Option C): They combine powers to become a Monster Typhoon


With pincers. :face_with_monocle:


I would just like to see something bust the back of that hellsicle that’s been goin on out there for too long.

I swear the outside feels like that YouTube vid where the kids are filling up a condom with water, and it just keeps stretching and getting fuller and heavier and bigger, but it just


Basically what happened to:

I’m not sure I like this scenario, but the God of Spinning Winds operates in wet ways.


Wait…am I supposed to understand this reference?




That is one among the many things that makes me shudder about hurricanes, that if two hurricanes come close enough in the open ocean the stronger will subsume the weaker and become a perfect storm.

That, the unending wind, the flooding, and the unending sound of chainsaws cutting downed trees etc. once the damn thing passes.


The chances of that happening tend to increase as soon as farmers in Taidong start to complain about the lack of water. EVERY-FUCKING-YEAR some farmers from Taidong end up in the news because:“Water supply is getting a bit low, we’re doomed!” there’s a humongous typhoon out of absolutely nowhere.


F-in a

How did I not see that…


The one to our west:

the one to the south:

lol @ that trajectory, this guy really has some beef with Kaohsiung / Tainan.

Trajectory for the first one is agreed on by most models. No certainty regarding the second one yet.



Going to miss us?


The red one will definitely miss us. For the yellow one it’s a bit too early to tell, but it looks like it will bring some impact to the South after dropping heavy rain on the Philippines. The most likely scenario so far seems to be that we’ll get some sloppy seconds and Pingdong/Kaohsiung/Tainan will enjoy some good rain.


Of the 3 spinning things going on right now, one will go for a trip between Hk and Vietnam, one should disappear soon and the third one may come to visit us. The one visiting us shouldn’t be a typhoon, it’s expected to just be a tropical depression with some rainfall to be expected.
Current forecast shows the depression’s trajectory anywhere between Kaohsiung and off the coast the East of Taiwan.


Tiny but pretty!


Where is Taidong Council? They used to impart quite a lot of knowledge about weather in their posts.


Why aren’t you assuming Taidong Council’s gender?