Typhoons 2018


Typhoon literally just hit my house.

1 hour till footy practice.

Just great.


Is that white shit RAIN?


Very illustrative video regarding the dangers of flood waters.

Moreover, certain parts of North Carolina are already under 3 meters of water …And it keeps raining.

In Filipinas they still have no assessment of the damage by the typhoon. It hit full force coastal towns. Lost strength but will gain more power once out on the sea, ready to strike China and HK. Still a super typhoon.

In Taiwan, a school teacher was pulled out to sea by the stormy waves in Yilan. There are several landslides in Pingtung and flooding in Hualien.




This is pretty crazy, from Taidong beach park. Watch the guy at the beginning basically cheat death. He goes under the metal fence.

Also, I wonder who made the brilliant decision to keep erecting the fence over the past week when it was already clear that a typhoon was approaching. Pretty sure the part seen collapsing in the video wasn’t there a week ago.


WTF was that idiot doing on the water at that time? Looking for his grandma? e Entering the Darwin awards?


Pretty strong wind here in Xindian. A neighbor mentioned if it is that bad here, imagine Philippines… Grade 7 they say in the news. Umbrella breaking and flipping in my book.

Over the sea, the typhoon has reached wind speed over 300km.

Over 400 mm rain in Pingtung. Half the map if Taiwan is red.

Taitung waves over 10 meters. Please do not approach beaches.

And talking about approach, HK already called red alert. No planes out.


He (it is almost always a “he”) is living at the edge—a definite tradition here in Taiwan, one that is carefully passed on from generation to generation. Assuming, of course, that “he” lives long enough to reproduce!



HK looking not so good right now… Lots of damage.


How are things in the south?



Good lord some of the videos^ of hong kong are terrifying


Assuming that’s south of Taiwan, mostly normal. Almost entirely still though, no rain today yet, pretty overcast (Tainan).


Yeah, I meant south Taiwan. A few days ago people were getting nervous about how this was going to hit the south; good to know this storm hasn’t been particularly serious down there.


I firmly believe @Icon going to 11 scared it off. She saved countless lives.


Kaohsiung is fine. We are overcast and a little windy. Perfectly acceptable weather to go outside. Business as usual.


Yes, normal day ! Some light rain but otherwise no effects from the Typhoon. Better than a few weeks ago when it was raining hard.


In those other places they only go to 10


Pingtung and Taitung most affected. Power lines down, some landslides. So far, just one fatality from what I have seen on tv.

A classmate posted a view of Macau that makes the Venetian look… well, more Venetian. Flood must reach a couple floors up, you cannot see the channels at all. The góndolas must really come handy.


Some aftermath photos from Taitung. I didn’t make it to the seashore park to see the fallen fence and whatnot but seeing the broken apart concrete wall was a bit mind blowing.

The woman in the first pic is wearing a craptastic innertube-style flotation device. Safety first!


Not as much as why we stay indoors but more on why out at all?!

A HUGE Typhoon is bombarding Hong Kong right now, crazy images coming from the city. https://imgur.com/gallery/GaGFjQK