Typhoons 2018


Hey, there’s a super typhoon. Let’s go for a walk.


Some of those videos showed sections of buildings falling off and some parts swaying like they might fall off, leading me to conclude that buildings in Hong Kong are even more suspect than in Taiwan.


If that had hit Taipei direct…Goodnight Vienna. No way my rooftop could have survived.


Dunno if this belongs here or in the whack things thread: a group experts arguing that all the doom from typhoons in HK comes from China’s manipulating feng shui to stop them from developing. The roads and bridges and museums all form snakes, natural enemies of the HK propitious turtle shape…


Talking about survival:

Mother of god… https://imgur.com/gallery/QH47jGe


Another typhoon appears. Will Trami continue to track south or will it hit Taiwan?



Windyty forecast for Wednesday


This is a US Navy website, and a reliable site for tracking typhoons. Click on the 'TC warning Graphic’ and it will give you the predicted track.




Hold on to anything!


That is one evil looking eye.


Looks like it’s swinging further north. Not sure how interpret that. IbisWTF, where TF are you?! (I don’t know if the link below will update or remain unchanged over the next couple of hours or days.)


They say it is slowing down and we will not know where it is turning towards until it does.

Lovely. Oh and it is coming Saturday. Par for the course.


I already have mahjong planned for Sunday, so let the storm come!


That sure would be mighty fine. We already had a day off this week, so a typhoon holiday on a weekday would mean 5 days worth of work in 3 days!


Yeah. Most Taiwanese workers could condense five days of work into three.


Yep. Bosses would have seizures if that ever happened.


Update looking ugly. Hitting North is problematic. No mountains for defense.


Looks like it’s swinging north and will miss no?

On a related note, how crap has the forecasting been over this weekend? Masses of rain predicted, a few light showers and very pleasant temperature was the result. Still blue skies outside…


Had a great weekend, thank God we ignored it.