Typhoons 2018


Can it disappear as fast as it formed?


Or if we could just give it a nudge in China’s direction…


We need this rain. Be thankful.


Unlikely, but considering how close it is I don’t know if it will have enough time to grow before our mountains start to weaken it.


Uh, so is this a bad time for a trip to Hualien? Heading over Friday (I think).


Weather for the weekend will be pretty bad. Not typhoon-bad, but not great for a trip. Of course I have a 3 days holiday booked from Saturday to Monday in northern Yilan, with hiking and swimming as part of my program.

Well, at least the waterfalls should look neat.


If there’s no danger from bad conditions, I’m fine with doing things indoors. A movie, visiting relatives, eating lots, and drinking. I always like to get a little distance from Taipei so I can really relax. Our son will have too much energy, though, if we stay indoors the whole weekend. Maybe if the pool is open that’s something we can do.


I’m all for needing the water since the dams are getting a bit low on reserves, but typhoons and typhoon-like weather do love to come during weekends.

Lots of rain does not bode well for my Hualien to Wuling event next weekend.

Last year it got cancelled because of non-stop rain leading up to it. The possibility of falling rocks was too high.


The 14-day forecast for Taipei looks mixed, but these forecasts have been very wrong before (also when I was eyeing a race/sporting event).



So no work tomorrow and Friday eh xD?


Surrounded already …


Weird track! Usually we’re like “it’s going to Japan”


Not only that, but they also love to come on holidays. Next Monday is Dragon Boat Festival, so double the possibilities of being struck by some kind of weather disturbance.

Murphy’s Law rules.


/Sounds of Ju 87’s in screaming dive, explosions/ The pincers are almost fully in place! All units make for the gap before it’s too late!


Whats the chances of now work this week? >1% ?


So long as I make my 6 am flight to Thailand on Friday I say let it rain down.


What kind of typhoon path is that?!?! I’ve been here more than a decade, and this looks utterly new to me.



It looks like the gods are casting an evil spell on Taiwan…


100% !

It’s pretty interesting! But it’s not likely to become a typhoon before it reaches us (and by the way, it’s basically already in Southern Taiwan, at least the outer bits).