Typhoons 2018










Can I borrow one of those brick walls? Thanks.



Have it back by Tuesday there’s a good fellow.


Upgraded to tropical depression, nothing too worrisome. Just some bad weather, which in some parts of Taiwan will be a welcome thing.


High humidity, but no rain in Taipei yet.


Almost went for a ride this morning but the mountains in Xizhi were covered in mist. Probably would have gotten as wet as if it were raining. I kind of regret now, though, seeing sunshine in Taipei and knowing I won’t be able to ride again until next week (heading to Hualien).


So far the only place with a tropical cyclone warning is Okinawa, it’s headed there.


Glad the race I signed up for there is not until Oct/Nov.


There’s another small thingy growing near HK, forecast to come in our direction and kinda follow the path of the one going to Okinawa. Still looking like minor stuff, no need to alert my Doom Paul gifs.


Can you cut to the chase? Is it going to rain in Taipei today? Thanks.




I keep getting news alerts about rain, about the formation of a typhoon by this evening. I fear that by the time it starts raining, we will be all jaded.


Where ?_?


What about Saturday morning? Safe to fly then?


Rules of life on this plane of existence :

a) Thou shall not say:"I have planned a flight on (date), is it going to be safe?





Any meteorologist worth his salt would have given me an exact percentage down to two decimals.