Typhoons 2019?

Was on the hiking trails the other day and the typhoon grass is still predicting one this year


It will move to Hainan!

you know what? i’ll take the predictions of the typhoon grass over those from the countless “”“experts”"" that have no connection to the reality we live in.

Typhoon grass predicts a typhoon: #confirmed

Mitag, currently a tropical storm, has been slightly steering in our direction, so it went from being a non-issue for us to potentially bring some strong wind and rain. It’s not looking too serious for us right now. If it keeps steering to the West it may pose some dangerous for Taipei, Keelong and the north in general.

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wut? But they’re scientists, man. Sigh ENCE.

How in the wide world of sports is the hive supposed to stay peaceful if you insist on expressing doubt in the monks? :jazzhands:

blasphemer !!

Well, according to the latest forecast models this storm/typhoon maybe be reaching the North of Taiwan, with some models showing landfall in Northern Yilan or around the sandiaojiao lighthouse, so…

Stick of grass : 1
Expert scientists: 0


Any news about taipei no work class announcement for Monday?

With the blazing sun in Taipei right now…outlook doesn’t seem good, unless this is actually the calm before the storm.

Not yet, but it might just rain on China’s parade on Tuesday…

Looks like it will do it’s worst on Monday night…

Swan boats, Moons, bridges, everything is flying in Bitan right now. River is already extremely high after the last couple of days rain, if the typhoon does arrive and drop appreciable rain then flooding can be expected. 2 local riverside car parks are already closed.

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No news. Here’s the website (linked further upthread, but with 700+ posts, it’s probably easier to just post it again):

Looks like we won’t really feel the effects of Mitag until tomorrow night.

Folks I need a no BS assessment for tomorrow. Fortunes and fates are depending on it. Based on everything you know to be good and true, will there be a typhoon day tomorrow? Serious replies only (@Rocket excempted of course)

Probably not.


Rats. I could have used the day off.

Eh…very very close. Could be fairly annoying.

Thanks all. You’ve done nothing but made me drink another :tumbler_glass:

Wait a minute. The colors outside and the way the wind is kicking up…hmmmm…

Red dusk pretty much always means nice weather tomorrow