Typing Chinese in Ubuntu

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff. I’ve downloaded every font library I can find, but every input system I try for Traditional Chinese doesn’t have a complete list of Characters. Many of the characters show up as squares with unicode numbers in them.

I’ve asked my Taiwanese friends (Ph.D students in Bioinformatics) for help, but they don’t really know how to fix it either, even though they’re familiar with linux.

I know others have had the same problem. I’ve tried the solutions found on the Ubuntu forums, but they didn’t work. I’ve even asked on the Ubuntu forum, but didn’t get much of response. I figure, maybe, this is a problem with Traditional Chinese characters, so it would be better to ask people in Taiwan…

I’m using a Dell 1420 that I bought in Taiwan, so the keyboard is “Chinese ready” if that makes a difference.

Lastly, I’m somewhat of a newbie to ubuntu (if that’s not already obvious), so please be clear in your response…

Hmm, you’ve tried scim with the Kuyin input method, right? That does the trick for me on debian, and since Ubuntu is based on debian, I would expect it to work there too.

I don’t see a Kuyin input. There’s Chewyin, ZhuYin, and Zhuyin Big, but no Kuyin. Not in my scim list anyway…

Is there some way to download it?

Sorry it’s called chewing in English. Here’s the project page (in chinese): chewing.csie.net/index.html

I just realized that my system locale is Chinese, which is why everything is working so well. If I switch locales to C, scim doesn’t launch properly and manually launching it produces the problem you are seeing. I’m sure something is wrong with the parameters I am using, but I don’t have time to spend an afternoon figuring it out. If you do, let me know.


Yeah. Chewing has worked best for me so far, but it’s still not great.

I wonder why I would have to set my locale as Chinese in order for it to work…

Sounds like a font problem, which ones are installed? Have you tried Hong Kong one “Ming(for ISO10646)” (the most comprehensive freely accessible Chinese font I’ve seen so far). You might need to play a little with /etc/fonts/* if you install manually (sorry, no idea how font installation in ubuntu works).