Typing Services

I have the need for a lot of typing in connection with my human rights work in Taiwan.

In my trips around the island over the last few years, I have always kept a lookout for reasonably priced typing services. When I get the new business telephone directories, and other directories every year, I often go through them for listings of typing services. To date, I have not found anything suitable.

My preferred arrangement would be to fax the DRAFT COPY of a document to the typing service, and then have them type the document in MS WORD format, and email it back to me. It is also necessary that the typist correct wrong characters and/or telephone me and discuss those problems. Proofreading is a must. Some of the DRAFT COPY may be alterations of previous documents, with changes made in the margins, etc.

I have contacted a number of translation companies about providing such services, however I felt that their prices were exhorbitant.

Previously, there was a combined dry-cleaners and typing service not far from my home in Nei Hu District, Taipei, but they closed over a year ago. They didn’t have email service, so I had to take a disc in to get any documents they finished. Frankly speaking, that was inconvenient, even though the shop was right down the street.

Of course, if there were any volunteers who were willing to do such typing services, that would be wonderful as well. I generally have two or three items per week.

Richard - Could you just clarify whether you need the typing done in Chinese, English or both.

I contacted Richard privately. He’s looking primarily for chinese typing.

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