Tyrant as Messiah?

A very interesting essay by Prof. Dr. Lieven De Cauter! :sunglasses:


:laughing: a perfect description of Neo-Jacobin (disciples of Strauss) tactics!


The disrespect for international law, human rights, international institutions and even the American constitution itself, is clearly embodied, not only in concentration camps like Guantanamo, or in the Patriot act, but also in the executive orders and the 750 “presidential signing statements” that president Bush, according to a recent article in the International Herald tribune, issued since taking power. These “presidential signing statements”, invented by Samuel Alito jr. (now member of the supreme court) under Ronald Regan, can sideline laws voted in congress without the use of a presidential veto. A famous example is the signing statement saying that the president would not feel tied by the recent law passed in congress against torture and inhuman treatment. Or more recently, the sidelining of the Supreme Court’s ruling that Guantanamo is unconstitutional.

This contempt for law, we could call the “really existing antinomianism” as opposed to the philosophical antinomianism that for instance Agamben exposes in his work. The “tyrannical teachings” and practices of this antinomianism has a strong link to religious fundamentalism, as a “really existing messianism”. One could say that Christian fundamentalism is an important part of the “political philosophy” of contemporary neoconservative politics, that is: the exoteric side of the doctrine, the pious lies and noble myths that help the elites, who know, to rule. This strange and sinister alliance itself, is therefore textbook straussianism. [/quote]

In America there will be “mid-term” elections in less than 65 days…the Cheney admin. will not allow themselves to be out-played in the American senate and congress; that will almost definitely allow the American people to start impeachment proceedings and/or investigations into the crimes of Cheney et al…watch for the October Surprise! :sunglasses:

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