U.S. adventurer Steve Fossett missing in Nevada

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I hope he gets found OK.

I just hope he’s been watching Man vs Wild so he knows how to make a crude tent out of just his foreskin and a few twigs, etc.

He’s American, so we can be almost certain he doesn’t have that tent option. He’s probably regretting that about now.


He’s having lunch with Jimmy Hoffa

Maaaaan. I can actually picture that! Friggin cartoons! :s

You know if you had one . . . well then you just can’t imagine it. :laughing:


More info…

It seems there is a beacon in the tail of his plane that should automatically be activated in the event of a rough landing. It hasn’t been activated (this could be either a positive or a negative sign).

Richard Branson gave him a snazzy watch with a built in locater thingy. He hasn’t activated it (this is almost definitely a bad thing).

Hope they find him ok. Recall one time I flew out of Scottsdale, AZ for a day trip. Nice day so I decided to hope over to Tombstone to see a bud. Got on the ground and things got a little tipsy at “Big Nose Kates” so I flew back the next afternoon. Didn’t think much about it at the time but my friends had called out search and rescue before I reported in to the flight service station at Scottsdale. Red face and apologies all around - not to mention the bar tab at Zips in Scottsdale for those that had volunteered to search. Expensive night and a damned expensive lesson. I surly hope that is all that happened to him. Flight plans are only mandatory for non-visual flight (above the clouds with instruments) Most VFR (visual flight rule) pilots don’t bother but it’s always a good to let somebody know your plans.

This just in. Hikers have found clothing and ID belonging to Steve Fossett (seriously).

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Just read that somewhere else. It’s seems kind of odd that ID, cash etc was found in the bush but there’s no sign of any wreckage or remains in the area.

[quote=“cfimages”]Just read that somewhere else. It’s seems kind of odd that ID, cash etc was found in the bush but there’s no sign of any wreckage or remains in the area.[/quote]They think they have now spotted wreckage in the area. How they became seperated is a good question.

These were found outside the original search area. It seems he went a different direction than first thought.

Mystery over.

[quote]Rescue crews find wreckage of Fossett’s plane
October 3, 2008 - 6:30AM
It was a hard-impact crash, and he would’ve died instantly

Plane wreckage … the engine from Steve Fossett’s plane has been discovered by rescue crews, and inset, the adventurer, centre, his ID, left, and the plane’s registration number, right.

Rescue crews have found the wreckage of missing adventurer Steve Fossett’s plane in California’s rugged Sierra Nevada mountains.

The discovery comes just over a year after the multi-millionaire vanished on a solo flight, and the craft appears to have hit the mountainside head-on, authorities said.

Most of the plane’s fuselage disintegrated on impact, and the engine was found about 60 metres away at an elevation of 2956 metres, authorities said.[/quote]


Whaddya want, the leg or the wing??

Never would have happened of the guy had a mullet…

I wasn’t going to say, but now you mentioned it…