U.S. begins to wake up over NUC decision

Still no apology to Chen Shui-bian ;>) but progress is being made.:slight_smile:

Armitage says NUC revivable

Former U.S. deputy secretary of state reports changes have no impact on U.S.

[quote]Continuing a three-day whirlwind tour of Taiwan, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said yesterday that the government’s decision to cease the functions of the National Unification Council’s will not have a great deal of impact on the United States.

“In our view, (the NUC) practically has ceased to function, but in the future, if some development comes up, it can function again,” he said after meeting with Taipei City Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), who is also the Kuomintang chairman, yesterday morning.[/quote]

Hmm…He made these comments after a meeting with a man who believed that this NUC decision dramatically changed the status-quo.


How is Ma taking it? He seems to be shocked in denial.

[quote]However, KMT Chairman Ma’s thoughts seem totally different from Yu, since Ma interpreted Armitage’s observations as proof that different opinions exist between the DPP government and the U.S.

Ma said that the U.S. has consistently maintained that the government did not abolish the NUC and the NUG, “They just ceased to function and apply. But (our government) doesn’t seem to accept that.”

“The State Department is still waiting for an answer from us,” Ma said after the meeting with Armitage at the City Hall.

He said that he had advised Armitage to “tell the truth to the president, to let him know the real opinion of the outside world.”[/quote]

But…but…we DID change the status quo! We DID!!! We DID!!! (Apparently, Ma hasn’t received his latest PRC paycheck yet);>)

That’s good. Chen had every right to abolish the NUC and NUG. Why? Because he only promised not to abolish the two things in 2000, if China didn’t change the status quo. Unfortunately, they did with something called “Anti-Secession Law.” Also, you must be pretty brain-dead to think that THAT constitutes an actual legal basis for attacking an independent state.

So the USA is just waiting for someone to revive the NUC. How diplomatic of them.

I’m sure CSB is sleeping better now knowing the CIA is not going to be hunting him down like a corrupt South American political leader.