U.S. faked the wtc bombings

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asile.org click on “english version” of pentagone article
but before you read it in the first paragraph is highlighted Pentagon, hunt the boeing, click on that read this and then read the first article
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You talking about the planes that flew into the wtc, or the one that flew into the pentagon? I’ve heard someone wrote a book saying that the US government faked the pentagon (even though there were pictures shot from survalence cameras showing the plane flying in). Same with the WTC…how on earth could that have been ‘faked’???

Its bs. That site has been debunked. Like for example the claims that a jet filled with fuel wouldn’t vaporize. It happened in Pennsylvania, too. The page is full of a bunch of psuedo scientific conclusions. I should also point out that its put up by a French guy, which should give you a pretty good idea of the validity of the page.

Why? Is everything a “French guy” says invalid? Weird reasoning (if any)

Well you don’t trust a 5 year old to drive your car so why would you trust a frenchy on the internet to figure out if a jet would melt? Kidding.

But seriously, do you read the China Daily for your news on Taiwan?

Ah, I know a guy who was at the Pentagon when it happened. It was real enough for him…

Unless he’s part of this vast conspiracy that some of the brightest minds on the internet have ‘discovered’.

Originally posted by Ryan P.: I should also point out that its put up by a French guy, which should give you a pretty good idea of the validity of the page.

That is the most moronic comment I have seen on Oriented so far.

As far as I know this conspiracy theory holds that the first plane to hit the WTC and the one that hit the Penatagon were small planes full of explosives, while the second plane to hit the WTC was an airliner under remote control. The passengers who were originally on that airliner are supposed to have been transferred onto the plane that crashed out in the countryside. Apparently the first eyewitness account of the Pentagon incident was of a small commuter plane. The motive for all this is said to be to create an external enemy, giving U.S. imperialism an excuse for moving into central Asia and thereby getting control of its rich oil and other resources, as well as its important strategic position, especially versus China.

Some conspiracy theories are true. On this one, I have to say that it is not completely unbelievable. In particular, all the photos I have seen of the Pentagon scenne show not a trace of any airliner - not even any bits of wing or tail. There is just one photo which shows a little bit of mangled metal which could be part of an airliner…or just about anything else. I find the idea that a fire that did not even singe the Pentagon lawn could have “vaporised” an entire airliner quite incredible. Tai Xiaojie’s friend at the Pentagon saw the explosion all right, but that is not the issue. The thing is, did he see any evidence that it was caused by an airliner? Perhaps Tai Xiaojie could do us a favour and ask her friend.

What about the passenger manifests for the flights?

If it is true and teroorists did take over planes with passengers, then these passengers deaths were recorded. Otherwise a couple of hundred imaginery people died that day.

If they faked the moon landings they should be able to manage this right?


quote[quote] On this one, I have to say that it is not completely unbelievable. [/quote]

Now that has to be the stupidest thing I have heard here.

Anyways, none of you have investigated this enough. To suggest that it was faked because you don’t see debris means you probably haven’t looked at other crashes where the tanks were full. Look at the Pennsylvania crash, for example. Do not go around suggesting that they were faked until you have actually looked into it.

And as for why I suggested that a French site can’t be trusted: Would you trust a CCP Newspapers views on Taiwan?

Also there is this stupid notion that every thing America does is for oil. Obviously none of you know jack-sh!t about America if you think we would rather get oil from the middle of Asia then from the Gulf of Mexico, half of which America owns and is untapped. When we protected oil interests in the Middle East, it was for West Europe. Remember that thing called the cold war? The USSR and the West were competing intensly for oil. And tell me, how much does gas cost in Europe? A lot, huh? Why do you think your leaders are supporting the pals so one sidedly, for example? Believe me, we could drop that part of the world like a cold fish and have ample oil 30 miles off of our coast. And one last thing, how much would oil from central asia cost? Moving it from one border to the next, refining it, shipping it? If this ‘conspiracy network’ were able to fake something like WTC why wouldn’t they just be able to organize support for gulf drilling?

No, I wouldn’t believe the conspiracy theory for a second. As for linking the French to mendacity, well this boilerplate toss is immaterial, even if it is qualified with the dubious tag “kidding.”

My friend was in the building and did not see a plane. However, if my friend’s friend can be believed (which is suspect to the conspiracy theorist because he and my friend are USAF and just itchin’ for a fight–even though they are musicians in the military band and fife & drum corps), he was on the freeway and witnessed the plane take the dive. Anyway, my friend was part of the rescue and clean up and says something did a lot of damage.
I wouldn’t have trouble entertaining a conspiracy theory myself. My father tried to influence me from an early age to believe that the Trilateral Commission, Rockefellers and Jews run the world economy and that SONY stands for “Standard Oil New York”. In addition, the family believes my eldest brother was part of heinous psychological experiements done on Vietnam vets when they got shipped back to the States. He was addicted to several mind-altering substances and never was able to function normally in society after that.

But, what about the John/Jane Q. Publics on their cell phones describing in real time what was going on to their loved ones?
I think we should get an expert opinion on all this. Anyone got Tom Clancy’s e-mail address?

I can’t believe that you guys are having this discussion. Beyond ridiculous!

Well my appologies to the French then. Its just in the past month I have had my country constantly insulted with the most inane sh!t from various French people and I’m sick of it. Its just relentless. This website is just the tip of the iceberg. Sorry for the generalizations, I do know many cool French people, like my ex-girlfriend or one of my coworkers. Its just more often then not my encounters with the French have not been good experiences at all. So sorry to the people I generalized that don’t fit that description.

If they faked the moon landings they should be able to manage this right?


Originally posted by 4abudabit: ...none of you have investigated this enough...

Forgive us, oh expert one, we bow down before thy superior knowledge.

Originally posted by 4abudabit: ...And as for why I suggested that a French site can't be trusted: Would you trust a CCP Newspapers views on Taiwan?

There you go again with your ridiculous anti-French blatherings.

Anyway, one version of this conspiracy theory is set out in great detail on www.infowars.com/pentagon%20page/happened.html. It attempts to answer questions about passenger lists, mobile phone calls from passengers etc. You can take it or leave it. Flight 93 (the one that crashed in Pennsylvania) has its very own investigative web site on www.flight93crash.com, which suggests that the plane was shot down and asks whether it could not have been forced to land instead. So far I haven’t seen any close-up pictures of the Pennsylvania crash site.

Well maybe you should look harder then, because they are every where.

Anyways, http://www.snopes2.com/rumors/pentagon.htm

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