U.S. Green Card Advice

I’ve been married to my Taiwanese wife for over 2 years now. We’re thinking about moving back to the US in about 3 years. Should I start the process for getting her a green card now? Or wait until we’re closer to the actual moving date?

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

I would start now. A friend of mine started the process when they were in the States almost 3 years ago. She finally had her interview (I think at the AIT?) last month and just received her approval.

She showed me her Immigrant Visa Application status and it shows the case created 06-Sep-2017 and case last updated (Issued) 29-Jun-2018.

Give yourself 14 months or more before you plan to do it.
After all is done and you get the visa to enter the US (after easy AIT interview), you have a window of like six months to actually enter.
From my personal experience.

It can take years to get her her green card

I’d start 2 years prior

Depends what you mean by ‘start’.

If your case is relatively simple, you won’t need a lawyer. But you’ll have to do all the research and paperwork yourself.

From the time of actually submitting all the paperwork, it will take 10-16 months.

So if you know nothing about the process, you may as well start researching, gathering documents, and saving up the few thousand dollars in fees if you don’t already have it put aside.

And then, after doing all the research and gathering all the documents, you’ll know better than anyone here what timeframe you need to actually apply in to fit your schedule.

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You do not need a lawyer.
Easy directions and plenty of websites to see what to do.
You can even find a website of the number of cases by country.
Taiwan doesn’t even have double-digit cases per year of green card applications.

Since you have not been married very long I would start early.

Keep in mind whatever experiences people had from the past may not be valid post Trump. Immigration has a long history of doing whatever they want - regardless of law.

If you absolutely need to live in the US at a certain point you should hire a lawyer to help. Most people end up doing something wrong and delaying things.

One tip from my experience: Once she gets a green card you CANNOT live in another country or you lose it. Yes, you can travel but if you become a resident - formally or informally - you lose it. No one bothered to mention it to us when we applied even though we mentioned clearly leaving once we got the green card.

Another tip: You will be required to have the interview in the field office you applied in. You can technically transfer offices but lawyer said it was problematic.


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