U.S. Immigration Debate


Too bad there’s not a passport trade program. Americans who’ve made it and now want to keep it could trade passports with people who come from countries with good beaches and a low cost of living who haven’t made it yet. Such a passport trade program would probably solve half the problem overnight, if not more.


That is one case. There are many cases where the dreamers were deported without any criminal record.


Which are the many cases? Can you give link where you’re getting this info?

Every report I find details that DACA being deported are have criminal records or active gang members or been arrested/charged with a felony. The ones without have not been deported.

Congress+ Obama deported 365 Daca deported in 4 yrs for violent crime convictions + Gang members

Congress+ Trump deported 43 Daca deported by Trump thus far for same reasons



Read the article it appears to be an isolated incident where the lawyers made a mistake on paperwork and is already being appealed/rectified. As with any big policies theres mistakes and they get to appeal.

Are there many others like this with no criminal record as you’ve said? This sounds more like a rare exception and he likely will be fine, not deported at all

I wish the mainstream media would balance it out with more news of violent criminals being deported and clarify on the fact that this guy probably won’t get deported cause a lawyer messed up on his paper work. In fact, I don’t even know why this is a story.

It appears as I said before, DACA deportation is concentrating on criminals and gang members which is the same Daca deportation Policy the Obama adminsitration carried out for 4 years as well. Interestingly it got zero negative media attention from MSM during Obama admin.


Here’s another one.


Taken from Huffinton Post. “Homan said that even without Obama-era priorities, ICE agents were not doing indiscriminate sweeps. 92% of people arrested by ICE from Jan. 20 ― the day Trump took office ― to the end of the fiscal year had a criminal conviction or pending change, were: ICE fugitives or had been previously ordered removed by a judge and then deported”

Sucks to be that 8% but of course they have opportunities to repeal. Try that anywhere outside the EU or US and you get laughed at by Customers/Immigration officers. In the mean time though I do feel bad until I remember I am paying high Federal and high CA state taxes to support their public school education, drivers licenses, lack of insurance (my brother and 3 friends got a hit and runs by illegal immigrants who just took off cause no insurance) and access to free or subsidized health care, and I personally know two undocumented who got hands on Social Security and welfare. Democrats enouraging them to vote.

My understanding is Trump wanted to grant 3 million DACA amnesty in trade for the border wall but the Democrats would not compromise and wanted everything, DNC said No wall and Amnesty for all or no deal.