U.S. National debt clock

US National Debt Clock
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Clinton Budget Stats:
1992: - 290 billion dollar deficit
2000: +270 billion dollar surplus

Bush Budget stats:
2000 +270 billion dollar surplus
2001 -127 billion dollar deficit
2002 -158 billion dollar deficit***
2003 - 307 billion dollar deficit
War in Iraq ???

What? This up almost an hour and no comments from the Four Pillars :wink:

One possible outcome if this continues for another four+ years and chimp boy’s in the white house: America won’t be in any position to invade other countries because they’ll be squabbling in their own brackish mire.

Where does that clock tell me when it’s lunch time ?
Who are the other 3 pillocks ?

It’s going to cost alot to clean up Bubba’s mess.

I’m an idiot when it comes to economic matters.

But, I’ve heard that when the country is in a time of slow economic growth, deficit spending is acceptable and not irresponsible… and conversely, that it is irresponsible to deficit spend during a booming economy. In any event, I don’t think its particularly illustrative of much to simply state that a deficit is bad and a surplas is good, without understanding the context of either situation.

Or, maybe I haven’t a clue?

If we looked at it in a simple way…

As long as the money you borrow is invested so that it returns more than the interest payments of the loan, there’s no problem.

If on the other hand the money is spent to cut taxes for George’s oil buddies and boost defence budgets… :?

Bubba AKA Bill Clinton.

Please explain how this is Bubba’s fault, Blueboy. Was the nation not at an economic surplus when son of bastard took (literally stole) office?

I know a bit of economics but not presidential nick names. How did Clinton get nicknamed “Bubba”?

He stole the office? Really?? News to me. Is that the best you can up with? He’s a bastard and stole the election? :unamused:

Why is it Bubba’s fault? Silly girl. Among other things, he stripped the military down to where it could barely function (oh yes, he really saved money). You seem to forget that under Regan and Bush, the Soviets were beaten, Bubba pissed away the savings and now it’s going to have to be paid for. And you seem to forget the tech sector bottoming out…something that was being predicted in 1998…and the effects of 911. In fact you seem to forget the entire world economy isn’t doing so well now.

But I forgot, it’s all that bastard’s fault who stole the fault, isn’t it? :unamused:

Alien, you really ought to stop drinking that kool-aid. It’s not 1968 anymore, y’know?

Please tell us how President Bush stole the election. Should be entertaining.

I’m not sure if I qualify as one of the Four Pillars in your book, but, yes, I’m concerned about the increasing deficits and what I consider Bush’s profligate spending. In light of 9-11, deficit spending is necessary, as are tax cuts, but Bush should be fighting harder to get more substantial spending cuts or, at the very least, not increasing non-defense spending.

Deficits are not as high (when measured as a percentage of the GDP) as they were in the first Bush administration, when the U.S. invaded Panama, led a coalition to victory in the first Gulf War and then sent some troops to Somalia, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you.


But I forgot, it’s all that bastard’s fault who stole the fault, isn’t it? :unamused:
Alien, you really ought to stop drinking that kool-aid. It’s not 1968 anymore, y’know?[/quote]

Yeah and I’m wearing patchouli, peasant skirts and flowers in my hair, too!

Blubfeet, be prepared:
Your poor children! What a future they’ll behold.
I truly hope they grow up into mini Michael Moores without the McDonald’s value meal bellies.
…HA! :laughing:

LOL!!! That got to be one of the funniest replies I’ve read on Forumosa. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: