U.S. PROFESSOR MISSING in Taichung area

This story appeared in the English papers on 11-28 or so, after the CNA wrote about him.

Did the police ever find the guy? And in what condition? What happened? There was no followup in the local press, as is usual here. Anybody know. when I called the police station listed below they just laughed and told me he was okay, the day after. But when i asked for details, they said, sorry, you gotta call the AIT. Fat chance. Was it on TV news?

U.S. PROFESSOR MISSING in Taichung area

Taipei, (CNA) – A professor from the United States did not
show up for a scheduled speech and has been missing since Tuesday
morning, police in the central Taiwan city of Taichung said

Police said a professor from Indiana University, who was

invited by an educational society to visit Taiwan, had been staying
at a hostel in Taichung city since arriving in Taiwan.
He, 53, was scheduled to give a speech at Taichung Normal
College at 10 a.m. Tuesday, but was reportedly missing since leaving
the hostel at around 5: 46 a.m. that morning. He had yet to contact
the society about his whereabouts, police said.
He was also scheduled to give a second speech in Tainan,
southern Taiwan Wednesday.
Police said that he is in the habit of jogging in the morning.
When last seen leaving the hostel, he was wearing casual light
colored clothing and was not seen to have any baggage with him.
Police said that he is 190 cm in height, bespectacled and wearing a beard. They asked anyone who
has information to contact them by telephone.

By Lilian Wu , CNA

I was wondering about that, too. My guess is that he got the come-on from a betel-nut beauty or pole dancer returning from the night shift, followed her home, drowned himself in sensual pleasures that he’d never even dreamed of back in the States, and abandoned any thought of delivering those stupid speeches. It wouldn’t be so surprising, would it? He’s probably already made his plans to move here on a permanent basis.

Maybe he just got fed up, blew a gasket, had a breakdown and went up into the mountains where no one will ever find him…

I frequently go missing, but nobody notices and it doesn’t get mentioned in the papers.

I’d notice, Omni!

Sounds like that guy on the commercial on T.V - forgot the product (help) - You know, the Forest Gump look-alike.

I emailed the bloke back in Kansas or somewhere, and he emailed back, and said: “I’m okay now. Thanks for your concern.”

But he didn’t explain what happened on that strange day … hmmmmmm!

Well, maybe he went to make a “social survey” of the prostitute scene or on a three-day drinking binge or something along those lines… It does happen, you know.