UAE Relaxes some Islamic Laws in Favour Towards Personal Freedoms

Great step forward towards personal liberties!

Unmarried couples can now cohabitate.
Laws protecting ‘honour’ killings scrapped.
Restrictive laws on alcohol consumption scrapped.
Increased protections on harassment of women.
Avoidance of islamic courts by foreigners.


That is a big one.


Interesting. Reading between the lines, it sounds like they’ve come to the conclusion that being a backward shithole isn’t good for business.

Problem is, though, just changing laws doesn’t necessarily change the culture. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out in practice. I reckon what they need is a public-education campaign, like the cute posters the Taiwan government used (successfully) to promote more considerate driving behaviour. Cartoons of women being beheaded for adultery featuring taglines about cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation?

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honor killing is illegal in a lot of islamic countries but are not always enforced.

Maybe UAE would enforce it especially if it’s not good for business.