Uber Eats - 4 step course before you start working there

Hello there!

For those who work for uber, I have a problem. I need to study a 4 step course before I get permission to start working. I tried to open those courses, but every time I click on any of those 4 pages like “food safety” or “road safety”, I get a system message saying that the page hasn’t been found. Have anyone encountered that problem?

If yes, how did you fix it? If no, but you do work for uber now, do you have an access to those delivery instructions ? Could you send them to me, please? I need to take a test, but I can’t open instructions.

I tried to get in touch with internet support, but it seems like uber hires idiots, who only can say “sorry for unpleasant experience” :roll_eyes: :angry:.

Because the link on their page is wrong! :man_facepalming:

wrong : https://www.uber.com/zh-TW/blog/delivery-partner-tips/
correct: https://www.uber.com/zh-TW/blog/delivery-partner-courses/


Sorry I can’t help you.

Why are so many Taiwanese websites like this? If you click any of these links…
uber eats courses

You’re greeted with…
page not found

“Page not found.” This is so frustrating here.


My guess is that someone recently renamed the page without fixing links leading to it.

It is ‘interesting’ that they use Wordpress and files hosted on Google Drive for onboarding.


Thank you soooo much! Do you know if I can find the same instruction in English?
I can hardly understand if the whole instruction in Chinese :thinking:

I think it only happens with English versions of any website in Taiwan

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They aren’t in English, but you can use a translator if you wish. There is a test at the end that is only in Chinese, though. Working for Uber also requires quite a bit of reading delivery instructions in Chinese. If you can’t read Chinese very well, the job may be difficult for you.


My Chinese is enough to read and understand instructions in the app, what food to deliver, finding right location, etc. But I guess I would have to use google to get prepared for the test, as you said.

I was talking more specifically about the “special instructions” customers write. As you know. some buildings/addresses can be weird in Taiwan. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand where you have to go, according to what the customer wrote. That Uber Eats Foreigner guy talked specifically about this difficulty in an interview recently.


You mean this interview?

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This video is very useful!!! and I got in touch with Caleb :slight_smile:

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What’s even funnier to me is that a person would even think of asking here instead of asking the company. Why bother paying for a tech support department when Forumosans will do it for free? :exploding_head:

He did ask them. Uber Support is incredibly useless. Anytime I’ve needed something from them, I’ve had to ask several times as they barely read my inquiry before responding. I don’t think they’re based in Taiwan.

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Caleb’s a great guy. He’s in my Gaelic footy club.

Yes, but my approach would be ask, wait a bit, maybe ask a second time, and if they still don’t deal with it then :crazy_face:'em, time to move on. As a general rule, parasite companies don’t deserve crowdsourced help. :2cents: :slightly_smiling_face: