Uber is back!


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Apparently so, already for 1 month it looks like.


“Starting today, people in Taipei can book an Uber ride, and we expect to bring Uber back to other cities in the near future,” Likai Gu, general manager of Uber Taiwan, said. “We want to partner with more transportation service partners in weeks and months to come, whether they be from rental car companies or the taxi industry.”

Taiwan’s highway bureau, which is part of the transport ministry, said that it welcomed Uber’s move, but would continue to supervise Uber’s operations in Taiwan to ensure that it did not pair up with unlicensed individual drivers.

It said that Uber still had T$830 million in outstanding fines under a legal process of being recovered.


I’m genuinely glad to hear that and hope they are obeying the law now.

There’s the sticky matter of 830 million NTD fines that will probably doom them though. Should have played the game differently.


Yes, but now you just get a smelly yellow taxi with a grumpy old man chewing binlang instead of quality customer oriented service when your call Uber…


The company registration hasn’t changed. Have they founded a new (Taiwan) company because the old one may go bankrupt?


They probably expect to negotiate the fine amount. That won’t work in Taiwan, at least not for a foreign enterprise.


Got a quote of WELL above regular rate back from Xinzhuang the other night. They tell you right up front now.


They seem to jack up the rate during night time and busy areas often.


Just your share of the 830 million NTD fine.


Not my share :slight_smile:


But I notice their number of vehicles has decreased a lot now.
Yesterday afternoon, when it was raining cats and dogs outside, there’re no vehicles available around New Taipei City.


That’s quite normal when it rains. Did you try hailing a regular yellow taxi during the rain? Just as scarce.


Definitely less cars, but I think its due to the new model…you can’t just sign up and drive as before. So far, the costs have still been lower for me vs. cab fare in normal situations.


Just got a quote for a trip I take occasionally, used to be around NT$370 or so, taxi typically around NT$500…quote this morning? NT$570! That’s for a standard card, black quoted at NT$976.


I’ve been using it, but it seems to be good only if you live in taipei city, outside like neihu or tiamu it takes like 15min to get a ride, and idk if they charge the distance it takes to get to you? Because my trip to Tainmu was 250nt and the way back it said almost 400nt. So i just took a regular cab back.


How much does a normal cab charges approx?


From my house To the place in tianmu it’s about 280-300. With uber it’s about 250. Idk about the rate. But taxis are not really that expensive compared to other countries, but you do seem to save 10-20nts for short trips. The only plus is the cars are nicer and service


I do like this feature, at least I can compare.