Uber is Better


Taxi drivers could learn a lot from Uber drivers.

  • Better drivers.
  • No stop, go, stop, go, stop, go 5 times even just between 2 stoplights.
  • No stinky taxi.
  • No trying to run down pedestrians in crosswalk.
  • No window so full of electronics and buddha statues that driver can’t see.
  • No yelling and making hand signals at other car or bus drivers.
  • No burping, coughing up lunch, making lip smacking picking teeth sounds.
  • No quizzing partner about the foreigner in the car.
  • No wooden beads on the seats.
  • No watching soap opera on TV while flying down the road.
  • No 30 year old Taiwanese opera music.
  • No Hakka lessons.


I agree with a lot of this but to be fair, some of these only apply to those very old creaky taxis.

I almost never ride a taxi now, thanks to Uber. I do call on the guys at Pinoy Taxi now and then, but that’s only for airport rides and day trips.


The wooden beads are nice on a hot summer day.


I bet they don’t cover the dash in brown shagpile carpet though


One day you’ll be riding around in an automated uber taxi bored shitless and reminiscing about the Taiwanese opera music.
Believe me.


hehe Cute list! Only thing is…you can’t seem to book Uber in advance days in Taichung.


Yep. UBER is way ahead of taxis in Taipei in terms of cost and service. Taxi drivers are gross and creepy here.


I find the taxis in Taiwan pretty normal in general. Nothing particularly awful or excellent about them. It’d definitely be really hard if the passengers don’t know Mandarin or Taiwanese though as I don’t think the taxi drivers here speak English at all, but it’s nothing surprising either. Not that I’m some taxi export, I’ve only taken cabs in other countries a handful of times, and most of them happened to not speak English that well either … especially in France and Spain…

Uber is definitely nicer and cheaper … though from a socialist stand point the cab drivers should be protected.


If you think taxis are bad in Taipei you should try Taoyuan outside the train station or most of Taichung!


Disagreed: Worthy taxi drivers don’t need protection, as they are worthy. Unworthy taxi drivers are unworthy of protection.


Saw this recently. It basically says drivers under 4.6 are no longer allowed to operate. And requests mention any problems and it will be fixed immediately.

Everybody’s being scored and ranked these days somewhere.


Too often over last few years I get the agitated style taxi driver with ticks and grunts and stressed out driving style. Not smooth but jerky type driving. Come to think of it, it’s a good reflection of Taiwan society as a whole. Far too agitated.


That’s to protect him from rogue customers!


And how does one recovers after being downgraded?


What’s their rate for an airport run? And how about a day trip?


If you have google maps (and Uber), check directions and scroll to bottom and it will show estimated Uber rate. From 101 area to Taoyuan is around NT$1200 give or take NT$100.

It’s mostly useful if raining so don’t want to go out and find taxi, or if leaving from odd location. The Uber non-taxi drivers tend to be better quality vehicle and experience.


Good question. And who decides the downgrade score of 4.6? Is it negotiated between Taiwan government or taxi mafia and Uber or just decided by Uber?


Despise Uber


I give him NT$ 1,000. I used to give him NT$ 900.

He usually arrives wherever I am about 15 minutes early - and over the years, I have gone to the airport from 3 or 4 different places.


Of all the things that could be despised in the world, Uber is it. Uber is great especially if you travel internationally