Uber is Better


Yeah, Uber was wonderful in Rome and in other places that I’m just not familiar with and know the language.


Uber is a cancer


ok, open up, share with us fellow Uber’ers. wat’s da prolemo.


Uber is great until your job turns into an Uberjob. Then Uber is your nightmare.


It’s not an ‘uber’ job, it’s an under job!


Got in a taxi. Changed my mind about a destination and the cabbie gave me some attitude. Told him if he wasn’t happy let me out here and I’ll call a Uber and he changed his tone real quick. Uber is good for consumers.


Uber is the devil

The company is a mish mash of the worst of silicon valley and wall street. They are the wolf of wall street on meth and hell-bent on eroding all of the victories of trade unions and progressivism for the last 200 years.

Its a long read, but have a go at this series on shy Uber is a Ponzi scheme https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2016/11/can-uber-ever-deliver-part-one-understanding-ubers-bleak-operating-economics.html

These cheap taxis are cheap for a reason. Uber is pure scum . Total scum and I don’t begrudge anyone using them. But be aware of the part you are playing in the downfall of society and the nation state. Uber is evil


Uber is hell for anyone Apart from wall street


I don’t think this is a secret ‘problemo’, a lot of people have seen the light on Uber.

NO problemo


I’m not saying you’re wrong or disagreeing with you. But how’s Uber not like buying a pair of 200$ Nike’s


Just so y’all know…

Some of my most epic rants are there. Proceed with caution! :smile:


Erm ?
Not comparable. Uber is an abysmal, abysmal company.


I’m currently living in London and I can’t imagine going back to the pre-Uber days of having to walk for ages to wait an hour for the (very long) night bus back home after a night out. I’m a pretty left-wing guy, so I sympathise with the “socialist” argument against Uber mentioned above. Perhaps when I go back to Taiwan, I’ll make a point of only using Uber instead of taking a taxi if it’s for a long journey, but I don’t think I can stop using Uber entirely.


Just to clarify in case some didn’t know, uber in Taiwan is just a glorified taxi app now.
They don’t allow people to use their personal car to drive like they used to as the govt pressured by the cartel cracked down , mostly against drivers giving them huge fines and threatening license suspension. They still can’t get drunks off the road but in the case of uber drivers they spared no expense

Now uber calls private limo companies which made it a non starter for me as the price doubled. I suck up the wait times and take the bus or scooter


That’s what I thought, but I used a personal one the other day and he had the sign saying his score must stay above 4.6 or he has to quit.


They went back to personal drivers again? Will.check into that. Maybe it means if he gets lower than 4.6 he can’t drive using the uber platform but still is a limo driver


Woah! When did the fines imposed on drivers exceed the $1,000,000,000+ that they imposed on the company?


Not ‘socialist’…How do you mean ?

Uber is a pyramid scheme and a cancer on society. They are not cheap, but rather artificially cheap while they drive out the opposition.

Hoping they are gone from London soon. Hurrah for TFL for actually having some corjones


Uber comes to my doorstep and drops me off at my desired location and I get an electronic receipt and pay less. It’s pretty darn good.


You don’t pay less now that that they have to follow the regulations and pay taxes.
I don’t feel like paying ubers labour contributions and income taxes.