Uber? Should Taiwan allow Uber to operate?


It’s a tough decision, the more competition the better for consumers yes. But I have spoken to many local Taxi driver’s and their gripe with Uber is that Taxi drivers have to take a test and pay for the whole process to be legit. And Union fees as well.

Uber drivers do not need any of that to operate. I also heard they do not pay taxes? Not sure if thats true. What do you guys think?

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i’m all for it, i don’t have much love for the way the taxi drivers drive.

what kind of a test do the taxi drivers have to take? complete a level of GTA?


haha a level of GTA, good one!

Uber is great for me because of 2 things: 1) clean and 2) pay via app.

I think many of the taxi companies have apps, but I don’t find them friendly especially if you can’t read Chinese. My boss’s driver use to be an Uber driver and he said he stopped doing it full time because it was too risky.


More to the point, is there any legitimate basis for stopping Uber? I would say not.

Private cars spend 98% of their time sitting on the road doing nothing. It a horrific waste of capital, not to mention a waste of public real estate. Anything that mobilizes that capital is a good thing, especially if it gives people an incentive not to buy a vehicle of their own.

OTOH taxis will always have a place, especially if the taxi drivers can up their game. If they can genuinely offer a higher level of service, consistently, then people will still want to use them; Uber by definition is a bit hit-and-miss. Uber is not a kind of taxi service, even if it superficially looks like one.


I’ve read though that their strategy is to get such a stranglehold on the market that the existing taxi firms are forced out of the business. So it’s more competition in the short term but then in the long term less (or no) competition, presumably at that point they hike their prices up and put the squeeze on their drivers earnings.

If the local taxis could make some improvements to pinch some of Ubers better aspects it would be ideal. I like the app and I like that you can leave reviews of the drivers, some (ok most) of Taipei’s taxi drivers drive like maniacs. And half of them don’t know where anything is.


The openness of the Uber app is the way forward.l along with online receipts and payments and reviews.

I don’t think it needs to be uber that does it , choice is always good. Uber is not your best friend.


I’d gladly pay more to ride in taxis if they: Drove more safely, didn’t smell, cleaned their cars, offered an easy cashless app with prescribed routes and open driver ratings. As it stands they really struggle with these things compared to Uber, and yeah Uber is actually quite a bit cheaper for me.

The fact that the taxi drivers are complaining about all the stuff Uber doesn’t do (which is of seemingly little benefit to me as a consumer) makes me avoid them even more. If they instead started figuring out how to “up their game” as the OP states above, I might be more sympathetic.


I agree.

Part of the problem is the government insistence on drawing a distinction between private and public-service vehicles. This is stupid. The only thing that changes when driving strangers around is personal risk (customers, drivers, or other road users). That could be easily resolved by offering PSV operators something in exchange for their fees and registration, instead of just seeing it as another form of tax. For example, people who (voluntarily) register and pay PSV fees might be given access to a government-sponsored app and/or radio network; they might be provided with in-vehicle security cameras linked to police stations (for both passenger and driver safety); they might get preferential insurance rates if they take advanced driver courses; and so on.


The fact that the taxi drivers are complaining about all the stuff Uber doesn’t do (which is of seemingly little benefit to me as a consumer) makes me avoid them even more.

Agreed. They prefer cash because many taxi drivers would rather keep this income completely off the books. I’ve even heard that there are Taiwanese citizens with connections to gangs driving taxi here!


Am I the only one that likes crazy fast taxi drivers lol?


Taxis are almost always a cartel of some kind or another existing because of regulatory capture. Uber despite being yet another faceless evil tech company at least is putting their boots in the fire. It’s ridiculous to think you can lawfully give perfect strangers a ride in your car for free and even receive donations but need exorbitant licenses and testing if you want to charge for it.

I really wish someone would smash the taxi cartel in Australia. There were discussions in the legislative branch just because the service in the capital was so horrendous and expensive.


Uber X is 50% cheaper than a Taxi.


I like taxis better than uber.


Uber makes the news again and MOTC is going requesting Google and Apple to have the app removed from the app markets.


I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again, I’m all for Uber and its clean cars, cheaper fares , job opportunities and now a food delivery service to rival that of Food Panda. However, when they’re operating illegally, they won’t get a dime out of me.


I was all for supporting the local taxi service but lately the service has been horrible


how does this work?


It’s pretty much a third party food delivery service for restaurants that would not traditionally have delivery. For example, a burger restaurant would not normally deliver, but now can with UberEats or Food Panda.

If it’s anything like Food Panda, you use the UberEats app to search for restaurants --> order online --> Uber driver picks up the food from the restaurant --> Uber driver delivers to your door.



Sure makes transport more convenient especially for non Chinese speakers.

The Taxi drivers should just use Uber too.


Then they would actually have to provide good service and clean cars, many would fall out of Uber after a week due to bad ratings. Agree in principal though. The best thing Uber does aside from being quite a bit cheaper, is quickly get rid of bad drivers/service providers. The taxi mafia generally has no interest in participating in such a phenomenon.