Uber to acquire Delivery Hero's FoodPanda

Some better numbers: Uber Eats to acquire Foodpanda in Taiwan for $950M

Foodpanda, meanwhile, generated about $1.7 billion in Taiwan during the 12 months ended in March, according to Delivery Hero. The company said exiting Taiwan would allow it to focus on its operations elsewhere.

They skim 30%(!) off of the food price + whatever is paid for delivery. No idea how much it costs to run the business, but it can’t be that much. I guess $950 million is not that crazy :person_shrugging:.

Once the duopoly is killed, and we’re left with an effective monopoly, I’m sure the company will be nicer to and grab less from these restaurants and small businesses—not!


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I noticed a few places on Uber Eats in Taipei have two menus, one at the restaurant, one on Uber, with two sets of prices, against Uber’s rules [edit - not a thing, see @Andrew 's post below]. So in these cases the customer is paying the (outrageous) 30%.

I used to think that too, but it seems I was wrong:

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