UberEATS? Effortless! (post promo codes here)


I have a love-hate relationship with UberEats. It almost makes it too easy. It’s so convenient and the options are great, but it’s caused me to gain a lot of weight and spend a LOT more money than I used to on food. Of course I’m going to order food from the new trendy Greek or Indian place than get the shitty 60 NTD lunchbox from the dirty stand down the street. But it adds up after a while. :pensive:


@Andrew0409, so, to tie up some loose ends…this was not available in Diarrhea-sia?


They have scooter taxis up in the mountains here.


How do you recognize or contact a scooter taxi? Are they regulated?


In theory, yes. They have stops, like taxis. People line up. Locals already know the person and just LINE or call. We did an article about it, somewhere in the mountains of Hsinchu or Miaoli if memory serves me right. It is a fading craft, indeed.


Yet, still no Danshui service. Hardly effortless if you ask me.


There’s no Uber here.


Incoming promo code:



Maybe something Malay.


Promo code:



No ubereats, no food panda and no bee whatchamacallit either in Sanxia.