Ubike re-registration


Hi everyone, recently I lost my Yo-Yo card and tried to register my new Yo-Yo card for U-bike. However, since the registration is linked to my cell phone number, it will not let me register my new card. Like most people, I only have one cell phone number. Does anyone know how I can unlink my number with my lost card and register my new Yo-Yo Card with my phone number so I can ride U-Bike again? Thanks much for your help!


Dunno. Good question. I continued to use a student card I shouldn’t really have been using because I couldn’t (easily) figure out how to switch over UBike registration to a normal card.


You can do that on the machine at any Ubike station with your phone no. and password.


Go to a Ubike station, try to log in, it will send a code to your phone to get a password, log in, it will show all cards registered to your phone number, delete the ones you don’t want and add new ones.


Go to https://www.youbike.com.tw/
It’s much easier on a desktop or notebook with google chrome to translate.
Find the reset password and have it send the reset code your mobile number
Reset the password and log in
There should be a section to add and delete easy cards.
You can have up to five on one account.


I second that.
You can manage it all through the kiosks at the Bike stations. I even have two cards registered all under the same mobile number. It user to be three, but I lost one so I had to remove it.