UCI taking the fun out of racing ver. 2021

So…professional cycling is getting less and less entertaining to watch.

I wasn’t around for the sock length change, but…

This bottle toss regulation needs to be updated. A DQ is quite ridiculous. It’s great that the governing body is regulating waste. After reading a few articles, I’ve only found that a garbage sweeping team doesn’t go through the route and pick up any random pieces of garbage.

Ok, let’s watch people turn pedals for 3-5 hours and then have them cross the finish line, head down with no expressions. How much more boring can cycling get?

If you were around 5 years ago for Froome’s super tuck, you know that was an iconic stage and even if you weren’t, you’ve seen clips and wish you had seen it live. I understand that this is for safety reasons, but way to take the fun out of it.

The UCI are a bunch of idiots.

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The ‘natural break’ will be next. The riders will soon fix that though - pee into an empty bidon and drop back to the Commissaires car and hand it to them.

I feel like that happens, but they just don’t show it often.

It was interesting until I noticed there was no “r” in supertuck.

What is a natural break? Is that whipping it out and peeing without stopping? That would definitely be interesting.

When visiting Belgium for the Tour of Flanders back in 2012, I noticed that on many roadsides there that they had these things akin to a fishing net hanging from a pole, with the ‘mouth’ part facing oncoming traffic. I asked, and was told that its for Cyclists to dispose of their litter without having to stop or simply dump it on the side of the road.

And of course, fans line the roads these days hoping to grab a discarded bidon as a souvenir, but any race cyclist dropping one for them risks a fine or even a DQ for littering.

Next the UCI will fine or DQ when a rider finishes covered in mud and dust i guess.

L’Union Cyclisme des Idiots.


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