Ufc 239

No one watched it??

Not that either main events are any surprise

& At this point I’m just not sure there are any excitements anymore in the ladies’ division. In the men’s division at least I have some plausible if long shot matches that I’d like to see; McGregor v GSP for example. Or Khabib McGregor 2, or Ferguson v McGregor.

I watched. Jones fight was a lot closer than expected. There’s a reasonable argument that he lost that fight.

I really like Ben Askren so I was pretty disappointed that he got his lights turned out in a couple of seconds. Also, I think Masvadial is pretty ridiculous for holding such a huge grudge over Askren’s silly (and hilarious) trash talk. I really wanted to see Ben win that.

Everything else went down pretty much as I expected. Rockhold was a huge betting favorite, but I thought he was going to lose that.

GSP is a horrible matchup for McGregor. If GSP comes out of retirement, it will be for a Khabib matchup. A win over Connor does nothing for GSP’s legacy.

The only interesting fight left in the women’s division is probably a 3rd Nunes v Shevchenko bout. They are clearly the best 2 women’s fighters.

If I could make and watch any fight right now, it would be Khabib v Ferguson. That’s the most compelling matchup in MMA right now.

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This could be fun. A McGregor sequel would sell though, which is always Dana White’s priority.

Meh. Personal preference in that I tune in to a UFC PPV to not watch a chess match, but a motherhumpin’ fight. Reason why even though Mayweather is undisputedly the one of the greatest strategist ever, I always go in prepared to be bored. Thankfully his fight with McGregor wasn’t that way. The Pacqiao one though, Snoozefest of the Century.

Ben is a clown and he got clowned.

I agree that GSP v McGregor would sell a ton, but I don’t think that GSP is too interested in money. I think he cares more about his legacy.

This is where you’d be mistaken my friend. Esp. in an interview as recent as last year – He never mentions legacy without following it instantly with money. Never. Yes, legacy (he even says it so, “to improve my legacy, that’s number 1”). But he cares about money. Zero doubt (watch how quickly he tacks on “and also money” after mentioning legacy as a prime incentive). He brings that specific sequence up twice. Observe:

Well then, we’ll see. I would watch Connor v GSP, but it isn’t really an intriguing fight outside of the fame that these two fighters have. From a fighting standpoint, I give Connor almost zero chance of beating a guy like GSP. He’s far too complete of a fighter…and GSP is much larger as well.

Khabib v GSP is a much closer match. I honestly don’t know who wins that one. In his prime, I would probably go with GSP, but at this point in their careers, it’s a tossup.

With all those fucking instagram ads he keeps doing for workout gear you use in the swimming pool, I think he cares about money too.

This is the fight to make, not for a belt, and even at 160 or 165 pounds.
The UFC is so hell-bent on making title fights the main event yet McGregor vs Diaz sold so well without being a title fight.

Everyone cares about money. I just meant that he doesn’t seem to put money above legacy. I don’t think GSP is so focused on fights just to break bank. He seems more interested in cementing his place as GOAT. A fight that brings him out of retirement is going to have to check both of the boxes: builds his legacy and makes him big money. Conor only checks one of those boxes.

In relation to fighting Conor, he even said : “The thing is, Conor McGregor, money-wise, I believe is the one that can put the most money on the table. However, I think legacy-wise, I don’t think he’s the guy that legacy-wise."

gsp was gearing up to fight conor. then khabib starched him and became a huge name himself, so that fight made the most sense for gsp. khabib also wanted it. but that fight got kaboshed. 165 division also got kaboshed, for now.
it seems the super fight era is over.
gsp vs khabib, cormier vs lesnar and conor vs cowboy…all kaboshed.

i just hope they make the masvidal title fight. if darren til can get rushed to a title shot why can’t masvidal get one after the greatest KO ever?

Since he lost to Khabib, I think Khabib will put more money on the table since he is the guy who beat McGregor.

He is English, and they want that market. So they took a risk on him becoming a champ and repping England.

Usman is injured, so you gotta wait right. Robbie vs Covington will play a part too I think. Maybe Masvidal will get the winner to see who the #1 contender is.

well bisping is also english. Til was very hyped. Masvidal is actually more hyped right now.

Maybe… Seems like McGregor is still the bigger name and bigger draw. He’s fought once in the past 3 years and is still the most well-known MMA fighter in the world.

It was a good night.

Some big names went down, some probably for the final count. Gilbert M is done. No juice, no win. Rockhold’s always been lazy on the breakaway after an inside exchange. Paid for it …again.

I don’t know what to say about Ben A. He’s bulldogged Lawler until he blacked out, then gets starched before the bell stopped ringing. Slow down the hyped train and put him against a second tier guy. I swear, the UFC keeps putting in these guys from other organizations in unwinnable spots. Justin G. as well. Fighting in the UFC is a step up for anyone, and coming in with a boatload of wins means jack squat. Give them a warm up first before the wood chipper marketing machine kicks into gear.

Nunes is unbeatable. Period. Love watching her fight.

Jones isn’t fighting anymore. He’s defending the belt, a la GSP’s many many maaaaaaany boring af fights. Santos fought him with a wrecked knee and JJ still wouldn’t push forward. Bah.

And please, stop the CMcGregor fantasies. He’s getting lit up or taken down by anyone at the top. Give him Nate again so they can slowly turn each other’s face into pepperoni pizza. If you don’t fight, you are irrelevant. Go…away.

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Askren wanted a top 5 guy, so he got what he wanted.