Ufc 249

Holy f*ck francis ngannou

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This ferguson-gaethje fight is turning out better than I expected.

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Wow. Justin Gaethje.

It’s official. Ferguson vs. Khabib will NEVER happen…

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I am one of the few who thought that was a bad match up. Tony takes too many shots, and when Khabib gets you down you stay down.

JG though…holy f8cking sh8t. I canNOT believe the damage he did to Tony. IDK if if was Tony’s insistence that he make weight for the canceled fight, and then make weight again so quickly, but he looked like shit. JG’s leg kicks should worry Khabib a LOT. No legs, no drive, no takedown. Clearly JG can hit hard for five rounds. I’m excited for the real championship unification bout!

Also, who LOVES the UFC with no crowd?


I was screaming “ten second fight ten second fight” and then…he touched him.