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Was a top fight. Should run it back

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they need to do the rematch to shut people up… and because it was a very close fight

Yeah it was very close, that’s why I gave it to the champion. I felt Reyes in the later rounds was not doing enough (Unless he was the champion).
I would have agreed with a draw.

Coming up.

McGregor returns 24 Jan.


Frankie go ZZzzzz

The Black Beast gone get a title shot son.

Wow, a bit surprised Lewis KO’s Blaydes! Wouldn’t have guess that winner or method of win in the Pepper Pot!

Kind of an event.

Love Bisping

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Thug Rose!!!

And dayum

I haven’t seen a clean power knockout like Usman’s in a long ass time, full step in overhand right that JM tried to what…dodge?


Ugh…Weidman…oh man… :face_vomiting:

He made the UFC a lot of fun, good ol glass eye.:+1:t2:
Wicked ability to get back standing after take downs.

I think I’m missing something because well I’m missing something.

YOu missed 261 apparently.

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You missed a card for the ages brah.

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I’ll find it and watch.


He is a beast. That was brutal.

The entire fight was brutal back and forth. Made me think JBJ is happy to have left 205.

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