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At 155 yes, perhaps he could have moved up and faced Nate Diaz? Best 155 er , yup
He cannot move up weight he is just TOO SMALL

Conor completely outclassed Eddie. Looked like a different level of fighter. But after that fight, mentally and physically McGregor has clearly gone into tailspin. As an MMA striker he is leagues above Gaethje and to this date the only one who has won a round against khabib.

I’m not saying he would win, but that was not the McGregor at his peak

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Connor could move through weight classes too, Khab could not and never will

I like khabibs chances against usman. Apparently he is still super strong against bigger guys, from what has been reported by those who have trained with him.
Anyway he chose the disciplined path and he got a record and streak of dominance like no other in mma so respect.

Yeah Khabib Vs Usman is an interesting fight.

The sign of a true GOAT…fantasy matchups. :+1:

The GSP Khabib match has been around forever. That’s probably the only dream match I’d like to see.

Were those judges watching a different match?

Khabib has had a really short reign. He won a vacant title. Then defended twice against former featherweights. And Gaethje who has been stopped twice and hurt in at least 2 other UFC bouts. I don’t think that cements you as the GOAT. He was incredibly dominant. But there’s no longevity as a champion. He was huge for the weight. Adesanya who is regarded as a novice champion has already matched Khabibs reign ( statistically ). I understand him retiring but he has neither the longevity or the multiple weights to be the GOAT

I’ve rewatched it twice now. Khabib took some big shots, but the pressure he put on JG was enormous…the best I’ve ever seen him do in rd one.

And the TD and arm bar attempt says nah…caught in the hype or maybe saw Khabib limping from his broken foot and toesies from eye level.

Sorry, ignorant person question. but how do super muscle bound.guys only weigh 150? When i was late highschool and skin and bines my lightest was 170. And that was unhealthy skinny, they thought i had an eating disorder. He doeant look scrony, all muscle.

Serious question, truly a little confused how so much muscle can weigh so little.

They cut weight for the weigh ins and put back on about 20lbs in 24 hours.

I was just very ill and lost 17lbs in 3 days. So imagine if you’re trying.


Oh, ok. That makes a lot of sense. I can see that.

Amazing how that doeant seem obvious to the regulators, but probably not super important to such an enterprise. The fight is the point.

Normally muscle and water is lost before fat. Usually athletes who cut weight drastically have a little under the table help if they do not wish to lose muscle.

they are not super muscle bound usually. they cut tons of weight so they look mega cut when fighting. the guys who carry more muscle sacrifice size, tyron woodley (former champ) in welterweight is 175. hes one of the buffest guys in ufc but even he is not comparable to a gassed up body builder.


True his reign was short, although in the toughest division, against very high competition, with the longest reign in that division.

Whats goat worthy is his dominance. barely scratched, and you could make an argument that he never lost a round- the round that he apparently lost is certainly up for debate. John jones has looked very beatable in his last couple fights. khabib, never.


Looking beatable is what happens during a lengthy reign. Tyson looked unbeatable after 3 defenses. He looked totally dominant . Rhonda Rousey was insanely dominant until she wasn’t. Khabib beat Al Iaqinta at late notice. 2 featherweights and a guy who had been ko’d twice in his last 6. Dominant yes, GOAT not at all. Silva, GSP , Jones, Mighty Mouse, Cejudo and soon Adesanya. And of course Nunes has the 3 best wins of any fighter

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So whats your point? Everyone is dominant until they lose? Yea thats why the smart ones get out while they are on top, respect to him for that. His streak of domination stands alone in mma, anyone who is a long time fan will recognize that.

He has a short reign as a champion which means he didn’t test himself as Aldo did or Jones or GSP or Silva. His reign is equal to people like Adesanya. You need longevity to be a GOAT in sports. Any longtime sports fan is aware of this

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I agree, but Dagestan looks like the new place westerners who wanna be MMA fighters will go to to learn how to wrestle like a bear. Bear style :wink:

How is it equal to adesanya when adesanya has lost twice and got his face destroyed by gastelum? And lets not forget khabib wasn’t given a title shot early on like adesanya. Khabib could have been the champ 2 years prior if it wasn’t for conor swooping it and then doing nothing for 2 years.

That’s not even a knock on adesanya, he is elite.