UFC on ESPN+ 15 Shenzen China Aug 31

Jessica Andrade vs Weili Zhang for the belt.

Anyone been to Shenzen? What is it like?

Cool thing is Shenzen offers 5 day visas if you go through the Hong Kong border.

I’ve been to Shenzhen at least a dozen times… but it’s been a while. I haven’t been there in probably a decade. In China time, that makes any experience that I’ve had there pretty useless as a reference.

When I was there it was a crazy place overrun with young men from all over China who were working in mostly Taiwanese-run factories. A lot has changed since then though. I imagine it isn’t nearly as wild, wild west as it was the last time I visited.

And as far as the UFC stuff goes, Weili hasn’t lost since her first pro fight and is on something like a 20 win streak. But a huge number of those wins came while fighting in Kunlun, a Chinese-based organization. I’m not sure if she is a good match for Andrade, but if she can avoid being slammed like Rose, perhaps she can pull off the upset. Rose was dominating Andrade before she got caught in that slam.

It would definitely be huge for the UFC if a Chinese fighter could take a belt home.

It would be nuts if a Chinese fighter is a UFC champ. The stadium would be crazy loud. How do you think they would react if she lost though? Silence?

shenzhen is nice. it would be cool if a chinese fighter won a belt, bring more eyes to mma and let more people know kung fu is crap.

Most of the investment into Shenzhen was from Hong Kong. The amount was about 20 times the amount that came in from Taiwan. You can see the stats in table 2 of this source:


He got the stats from shenzhen government sources.

I believe Dongguan was mostly developed with Taiwanese money though.


I’m just speaking from experience. Since I was hanging out with Taiwanese business owners, it felt like the factories were largely Taiwanese run.

Yea there are some Taiwanese ones of course, but its far from the Lions share. When I lived in Shenzhen I also knew a few Taiwanese there. But far far fewer than the Hongkongers