I saw this orange glowing thing last night, it was floating off the top of a mountain, and there were several of them. I was wondering what it is… I was in danshui and it was coming off the mountains across the river from the MRT station…

Lantern festival.

Candle lanterns from a nearby Lantern Festival?

Watch out for forest fires.

Most definitely sky lanterns. They glow orange. We went to Pingxi last weekend for one of the mass releases. Spectacular.

If you want to see the releases up close, join us this afternoon. We’re meeting and the Mucha Zoo station, Exit 1, at 3:00pm today. Then we’ll take a bus to the lantern site. See Events (Pingxi Crags) for details.

Bring a camera.


…Sorry, I’m talking bollocks again :blush:

They’re advance scout vessels for the threeeeeeeeeeep invasion force. Threeeeeeeeeeepians can’t see glowing orange, so the paint their warships that colour and they think they are invisible.

One of them landed at CKS Airport, causing a fire, closing both runways and stranding aircraft in the air. But they still think it’s a jolly good idea to launch huge floating bombs into the air :loco: