Ugly Truths About Working in Taiwan


They are in the Stats, the not participating in the labour force stats of the whole population .
If the stat was very high or low against other countries , or against the official unempliyment rate, you can start to draw some limited conclusions too.

You would still want to look at age profiles, number of students, new entrants to workforce, all that stuff.


You don’t need it, but it helps a lot.

And in some cases you do actually need it or they won’t hire you, they will hire the person with the overseas degree. In many cases actually. It’s very competitive.


That’s being unemployed for a huge part (except kids, elderly …), it just doesn’t show.


I do the same … McDonald’s takes credit card now and I’ll use it for anything, ice cream, a drink. No fumbling for change. It is a little embarrassing when I charge a $10 item though lol
But yea they consider that debt even if it’s paid off.
I noticed the 20 somethings are.totally uninterested in credit cards, most only have a debit card. Not like the generation before it


Or Line Pay … and others.


So people like their cards to an app and pay that way.
I think they didn’t offer to many foreigners e.g. apple pay and Samsung pay.



"More than 50 percent of Taiwanese in their 30s are either underemployed or heavily in debt, a survey released by 1111 Job Bank on July 12 showed.

The poll found that the average monthly starting salary for people in their thirties was NT$25,930, but 41.76 percent of their salaries was used to pay off debt, and a higher percentage in high-cost areas such as Taipei. Average salaries in Taipei are lower than those in many major Asian cities, even though Taipei’s cost of living is not much lower.

In Tokyo, the average monthly rent for a modest one-bedroom apartment within a short distance of downtown is ¥112,307.69 (NT$30,918), compared with NT$18,982.46 in downtown Taipei. Monthly utilities in Tokyo for an 85m2 apartment are ¥21,646.22 (NT$5,959), compared with NT$2,639.16 in Taipei. However, while rent in Tokyo is 1.7 times as high as in Taipei and utility costs are 2.27 times higher, the average starting (post-tax) salary in Tokyo is ¥332,402.33 (NT$91,509), 3.5 times as high as in Taipei."



And why hasn’t this thread been locked? So every single troll topic can live forever as long as it’s one of those #taiwanisgarbage circlejerking shitpost?


I think the real point here is that Taipei Times is (at least in this editorial) garbage.



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It be what it be.


I don’t see how this thread is any more of a troll thread than many other threads on this website, especially over on the politics forums.


I think you should write a letter to TT letters page.

Dear TT

You have been steadily going downhill like everything else on this island for the last 20 years.

Please keep up the atrocious work.

Yours Depressingly



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