Uhm.. have I got too used to living abroad

After having lived 8 years in the UK I guess I’ve got too used to living abroad to really miss a lot of stuff from home.
Sure I miss the odd stuff at times, but juding from some of the posts here I actaully find some of it quite funny.
But then again, I guess many of you haven’t lived abroad for a longer period of time…?
Anyhow, you wouldn’t guess how hard it is to find good salt liqurice in the UK :wink:
Just one question though, since I know I will miss decent bread, can you get rye flour in taiwan? If that’s a yes, then at least I know I can make my own bread :smiley:

Jonesing for lutefisk, eh?

:fatchance: I don’t think so…
You ever seen that stuff? It might have been fish once… but that was a long time ago…
As I said, I miss very few things from, but I guess it could be different in Taiwan, but at least there’s always IKEA :wink:
Do they have a small food shop in Taiwan as they do here in the UK?

Yes. And you can get bread making machines in Costco.

I think I’ll manage just fine then
Thanks for the info

You’re going to do your own cooking? My God man, don’t you know Taiwan is a gourmand’s paradise? Why Cin Shuei alone has three, count them, three different kinds of lunch box!

And 711 changes quite often too. :smiley:

Of course I cook and I dare say that I enjoy it most of the time as well.
Is that a cardinal sin or something? :wink: