Uighur restaurants?


Does anyone know if there are there any Uighur restaurants around? Was looking for one when I was in Taipei but I could only find one on Google that had since closed down.


Why not a Patagonian restaurant?


I dunno are Patagonian and Uighur cuisine similar?


There used to be a great one a bit northeast of Jiangzicui MRT. I’ll try to find it again.


I don’t know, but they’re both rare!


There’s actually a few in Melbourne, I went to one a long time ago. I was reading about one that opened recently that made me want to try it again. I would have thought it’s a bit easier to find in Taiwan! I imagined a few would have come over here with CKS and then set up restaurants.


Sorry, I didn’t find it yet. Have to ask a friend. But I remember this one was either uyghur or similar:

Qin Wei Guan
No. 2, Lane 138, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 8771 3288


One In banqiao https://peko721.pixnet.net/blog/post/40529731-【板橋。江子翠美食】小喬新疆羊肉串、麻辣


theres a place in my neighborhood that says its xingjiang food. but its not, its just normal taiwanese food, although really good. not sure why they have that name.

there was a lot of good food i tried in china which doesn’t seem to have made it to taiwan.


Looks good. Apparently the first one is from Shaanxi; maybe Hui food?

I get that feeling. There was this thing I loved having for breakfast sold by an old lady by the train station. Bit like a danbing but not really. Had lettuce and something crunchy inside. Never seen it here.
And I’d kill for a Yang’s Dumplings here.


It’s Jianbing. Can’t get that in Taiwan.

Rarely mainland food is good here.


Ah so that’s what it is
I’d kill for a Jianbing now


Apparently can get in zhongli https://www.cythia0805.com/53857


Seems i need to find an excuse to go there


Exactly! That’s the one I was looking for. A Taiwanese friend who dated an uyghur before introduced me to it, I loved it. Time to visit again soon :heart_eyes:

No. 84號, Renhua Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 220
02 2259 6585

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I second this one. I enjoyed it.

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if i ever start i restaurant i’m going to sell those shanghai style sheng jian bao. they are soo much better than the taiwan sheng jian bao i just can’t even eat them. crispy and with soup, not even comparable!


I miss Uighur food. There’s one near this row of shacks opposite 台北大學. I am hoping to check it out in the next week or so.



Not bad. This place is a drinks and skewers type deal, in line with all of its izakaya neighbours. More a watering hole than a restaurant. They have skewers in the Uighur style, and a range of beers and other drinks. The skewers are quite small and dainty, but we all know meat is costlier here. The interior is plastered in a traditional colour scheme of Heineken green with Heineken logos and beer bottles.

No gosh nun or any of those Uighur style dumplings, however you can get mantou. It is sweet mantou though with the condensed milk so it is more like afters than a starch filler.

Be warned, despite its humble appearance, it is very easy to drop a lot of cash here! Menu and specials attached for anyone brave enough…

You can also grab some betel nuts from one of the betel nut stands on your way out. :wink:


I’m absolutely amazed that this is a thing. I’ll have to try some of these. The one that olm posted looks awesome.

I wish I knew how to cook this stuff. I’d love to open a Uighur supper club just so I could call it The Uighur Board.