UK gov't definitions insane?

I like to poke fun at fatties as much as the next person, but try to be objective about it. This report nicely illustrates what happens if you don’t.

Lots of pics of people who are officially fat, overweight, or obese but actually look fine. What do you call the real blobbies?

It’s all bollocks. According to the BMI I have 12% fat, which means I am underweight. However I weigh more than 13 stone/78kg.

Yeah, but you’re also 11 feet tall.

And half the weight is attached to the sides of your head.

And the rest is in your shoes!

I reckon this has to do with personal accountability. People in the UK know they are fat. But they don’t give a shit as there are more of them than of us skinny wee runts. Fat is now the majority.

It all started in the 70’s when women wanted to be treated equally to men. Once they got equality, men were allowed to drop all those social niceties that lead to sex, cos suddenly they could just ask a ‘geezer-bird’ for a shag without it being impolite. After all, these were their social equals. So manners go out the window, so women don’t have to worry about their appearances, and neither do men, come to that! Oh the irony of it all. You got your independence and lost your freedom. So where are we, oh yeah, women become men. So women become men and can do and say what they like. Suddenly women who stay at home and look after the baby are unproductive. Get thee to the workplace! Women at work, no family stability, no cohesion. Mars bars for lunch. KFC for dinner. Fat fat fat.
Fast forward to modern Britain where multi-culturalism has lead to the destruction of a single living religion. Personal truth takes hold. “I’m fat, and it’s none of your business,” becomes a standard mantra of the overweight. “You have the right to be fat, and it is beautiful” comes blaring through the telly. “Jamie Oliver is a twat,” spout the newspapers and media. Suddenly stomach staples (weren’t they considered dangerous 10 years ago) become the de-rigeur dieting technique, as the ‘yo-yo’ diet is considered unhealthy, and the gym is for kids and the beautiful and the rich.

There needs to be education about how much of your life you will lose by being over or underweight. Sleep for more than 7 hours a day and you can wave goodbye to 10 years off the end of your life. A smoke is 5 mins. What is a the reduced life expectancy of being 10 kilos too heavy, or too thin? Victoria Beckham should die in her 50’s according to her weight. Oprah has about 30 seconds left!

There, all because women want to be equals! :smiley:

Truly: Being overweight and confident is good, because I should be able to say to someone, “You are hurting yourself with your diet,” and they won’t fall to pieces over it. The trouble with over-building confidence is that the overweight person willl reply, “Fat is beautiful. YOU have the problem.” Ergo, a nation of truculent tubbies.



…in Britain… where people were living in a Christian society…