UK grandparents denied custody of their murdered son’s child. He must stay with his killer mother’s parents in NW China


Crazy story. Total injustice. Could this ever happen in Taiwan?


Here’s another article from the time of the murder, giving more details of the attack.


so, on a comparative basis, the Taiwanese wife driving the Volvo over the car with her husband inside doesn’t appear so bad after all.


The little boy’s lucked out (British English meaning). Raised by a poor couple in rural China - not much of a future for him. Being born male isn’t always a privilege.

I’ve never got the cultural norm of splitting up siblings. When people get divorced in Taiwan the sons usually go the the man’s family and the daughters to the woman’s. It seems to be considered completely logical.


Huh. Kind of makes more sense :slight_smile:


I try to minimise misunderstandings.


Yeah. The grandparents definitely gave away the daughter because they valued the son more.


Well, he is of more value to them. If they valued him (or at least his future) he’d be in Dorset.

I reckon if the British couple can come up with enough cash they’ll give him up.


I admire the UK couple for their patience and tolerance of this farce. I think I’d just throttle them to death at the point when they started talking about how I should apologize to my child’s killer.


Are the kids Chinese or British ?

If they are British, I wonder how the grand parents got them in public school without a hukou


Physically they’re half-half (obviously). If you’re talking about nationality, it sounds like the UK couple had to get the girl an emergency Brit passport. So maybe they’re dual citizens? I don’t know.


China doesn’t recognise dual citizenship, so they must have been either or since birth

Weird they opted for Chinese citizenship instead of British, Not what anyone I know who has a Chinese spouse would choose for their kids


No but wait, if they got emergency British passport they must have been British. Or perhaps they applied for British citizenship prior to to applying for passport

Either way, very very weird


You don’t get to opt until you are 18. Childern born in China to one Chinese parent are Chinese in Chinese law. They can only change their nationality status in Chinese law by living abroad, or by turning 18.

Also, that’s a tragic story huh. Terrible for the grandparents and for the kids.


Wait until a divorce is final before hooking up with someone else. The guy was technically still married to his killer. They separated and had started the process for a divorce. It doesn’t justify anything, but I think it is the smart thing to do to protect yourself and those around you. Finalize the divorce, get the hell out of Dodge and then restart your life.

Sounds like he had an affair before the split up too. The article said his killer confronted him and his new lover with scandalous evidence of some sort.

Guys, word of advice, keep your pants zipped up and your hands off other women when married. Don’t like your marriage anymore? Get a divorce and after it is finalized, then you can date again. Not before. Seems like common sense, but raging desires prevail over smarts.


Okay, so if they applied British citizenship prior to 18 they will in fact have dual nationality. Is that what you mean ?

I remember reading that if you are Chinese and apply other nationality you automatically loose your Chinese citizenship, but is the case different if you are under 18


What I mean is that regardless of whether or not they have another nationality the Chinese authorities will treat them as Chinese and as a general rule reject those other passports. So they would still need Chinese passports, exit permits or travel documents to enter or exit China, and would not be treated as foreign nationals in China.

Yea as far as I know they will only recognise the other nationality if the child is resident abroad and their Chinese parent is also resident abroad with them.


You sure they cannot relinquish the Chinese one ?

My understanding from people I know they get foreign nationality to their kids and they use foreign passport to enter China


Yes, It is not possible for a Chinese born minor child to renounce Chinese nationality while living in China.

Are those friends children resident outside of China though?


Aha, these I know would be in residing in hk. Maybe they relinquished it after relocating to hk