UK grandparents denied custody of their murdered son’s child. He must stay with his killer mother’s parents in NW China


Yea I think so. Pretty sure it cant be done while living in Mainland China.


These types of murders can and do happen in every country and culture. Often both parties are not comfortable with the new arrangements to the point of contemplating murder and/or suicide.

IN this case I would not be surprised if it was something like this:
Low wage earner country girl meets “rich” Brit. Enjoys a life together, has two young kids. Shes the envy of all her friends and family for her situation. Which led to infidelity on the part of the Brit and a separation. Possibly suggested by the man to “work things out”. Well things were not being worked out to the country girls satisfaction so she went looking for justice with her friends in tow. Now, its a matter of face, she is faced with the fact that the former husband (were they divorced yet?) is not coming back and the “evil” new woman is there with “HER” kids.

It’s too much to bear. And she strikes at the man who she loves with anger equal to hate (hate and love are yin and yang to each other). Possibly not intending to kill him per se, but in the heat of passion. Then she directs her attention towards the second party to her anger (this time only anger no love turned to hate) and wounds her.

Its a sad sad state of affairs. In a breakup , it has to be mutually amicable otherwise it can and does lead to tragedy. It has led to tragedy here in the USA and other places too.

And now the kids are separated too. Such a sad affair all around. The mother may well be executed because this is how they do it in China. They don’t intend to house and feed her for 50 years.


It is possible to for a Chinese born minor child to renounce Chinese nationality while living in China.

ivi and Laowhy86 had to get their daughter to renounce Chinese citizenship, they were in China at the time. IIRC, in theory they could have allowed her to have both so she could have the choice later in life (between Chinese or US citizenship) but IIRC because they processed baby wei’s US citizenship and passport before the Chinese hukou, it put up a roadblock making the paperwork involved to get baby wei a Chinese passport too much of a hassle for Vivi to handle but since baby wei was technically a Chinese national there was no way they could get her to leave China using her US passport. so they ended up renouncing baby wei’s Chinese citizenship in order to allow her to leave the country on her US passport.

Edit: Found the video, let’s see how much of this I remembered correctly…


Can you share a link to it?

Reason I said its not possible is that it wasn’t possible in my families experience. The only practical paths were Chinese passports, or exit permits.


Edited above.
Don’t really get why they didn’t just do the hukou registration as any other Chinese born child like the woman on the phone said. Millions do each year… Going for the citizenship renunciation and exit visa process (needed to legally leave China when you’re not a Chinese citizen and don’t have a valid Chinese visa but are in China) seemed like a roundabout and over complicated way of doing it.

Back to this case.
This sure will be one to watch.


watched the video they just applied for an exit permit. That does not mean she is no longer Chinese though. The only proof of that pudding would be if they managed to get her back in on the US passport. I’ve been through the process, and they wont stamp her back in on a foreign passport unless the Chinese parent has residency in the foreign country. Anyway, like you say this is kind of besides the point of the thread by now.


I thought that to apply for the exit permit they had to first renounce her Chinese nationality because you can’t get apply for that exit permit if you’re a Chinese citizen and you have to use a Chinese passport to exit.
They’ve been to the US and back a couple of times with her since that video so yeah she’s been back to China on the US passport.
Unless they aren’t telling us something. I might get him to clear it up on the next Patreon Q&A.


An exit permit is permission to leave. It doesn’t change nationality status. So no they did not renounce her Chinese nationality in that video. They just applied for permission to leave. I’ve done that myself.

Chinese nationality is recognize as lost when they put a visa in the foreign passport. In my experience they refused to do that unless the Chinese parent had residency rights in the foreign country. Maybe it was different for the couple in the video, or maybe the mother has residency rights in the US?

In either case it is not possible to renounce Chinese nationality in China, they left on an exit permit, which is exactly what the girl in the OP’s story left on.


Yeah I think you’re right, the video was a bit click baity. I’m definitely going to get him to clarify it now.


i would say this guy was probably a victim of his own noobness. it says he got married to her soon after arriving. sounds like he shacked up with the first woman he met, then got married and had kids fast before realizing she was a complete psycho.

and no doubt he was pressured into marriage and kids by her, when you pass 25 in china as a woman you are under huge pressure to get married and have kids. coupled with being from the countryside and being a psychopath, recipe for disaster. i hope they get the other kid but if its only a matter of money they are likely to.


Bingo. I knew a dude in Korea who married when he was FOB. To a really ordinary looking girl who I guess was still better than what he was used to back home. Then of course she turned out to be a psycho. They had a kid together and then didn’t have sex for 6 years (maybe longer now). She did all sorts of messed up shit. She would physically abuse him; throw all sorts of shit like chairs, shoes, even a flatscreen TV at him. And then she had the audacity to blame the racket and violence on him when the cops were called. Real ‘Gone Girl’ stuff. Except without the good looks. Yuck. I told him to get divorce, but he’s a chickenshit and was scared her crazy brother would come after him or something.


Went out for sex with the first opportunity he got quite possible. But let’s not automatically assume she was psycho. Although having it in you to knife your partner certainly is not normal.


Sometimes Korean girls need a Korean man to sort them out it appears? Or maybe that won’t work either.

Every woman is different. Some are workable, others are simply not.


I think at this point we can safely assume she is/was a psycho.


Her case by the sounds of it in the story sounds like she had a fit of rage.

A psychopath would be more likely to do a planned out cold blooded murder.


“Crime of passion” I believe is the phrase

She’s definitely not a stable person, but I think living in China might fray your mental stability…


yea and the patriarchal escape goats, they can really f&*k you up real bad n the head


Carrying a fruit knife undermines any non premeditated defence.


Oh she came in armed and ready to go? Sounds pretty unhinged, then.


She brought a knife and brought her friends (why I wonder bring witnesses to a murder? )??