UK grandparents denied custody of their murdered son’s child. He must stay with his killer mother’s parents in NW China


I doubt nuttiness is biological, i suspect if has more to do with the environment you grow up in

Having said that, although the above probably is true it doesn’t mean nutty parents always have nutty kids


well they grew up with nuttiness and had a reall traumatic thing happen.


True, I’m just saying the parents of the nutty wife are not necessarily nuts

I do think though the kids probably would be better off is in uk

Would be interesting to read the “Chinese” side of the story

Why did Chinese authorises side with the wife’s parents, I suspect it has a lot to do with a) they consider the kids Chinese b) the U.K. parents are divorced(big no no in China)


I wonder if they painted the guy as the bad guy.


You’re swimming against the current with that theory. Obviously, environmental factors are important. However, it’s generally accepted that nuttiness is primarily genetic.

EDIT: the genetic element impacts environmental factors. A parent with mental health issues will probably create an environment that is likely to exacerbate their child’s inherited problems.


I was watching it on Chinese news today and its similar to how it is described here. Not taking the grandparents side. General opinion is that the children should not be separated, and should be allowed to go to the UK.

Obviously a large part of why the Chinese grandparents are hanging onto the son is that they are poor and afraid of being destitute in their old age. Which is another sad aspect to the story.


You can doubt it all you want, but certain mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and sociopathy have genetic traits that have a certain percentage chance of being passed down from generation to generation. That’s just a fact, Jack.


Do you mean the Chinese grandparents? The article confirms they did. They said the Dad “abandoned” the kids, and didn’t even tell them he was dead let alone killed by their own mother.

As for the Chinese media, I’m sure they did some false equivalency foreigner scapegoating shit, e.g: “she shouldn’t have killed him, but he partly deserved it for being a cheating foreign dog” etc.


Try watching it before you comment on it


I didn’t see a link to any Chinese news segments in the links I posted, so if you have some please share them!


There is this thing called the interwebs and you can search it


Okay. Sorry to offend you and the always balanced state owned Chinese media by proxy. :roll_eyes:

Besides the media is an extension of the Chinese government. And if the government gave a shit, they’d be stepping in to resolve the situation. So I think my assumption was a more than fair one.


Again try reading it before you comment on it. Or continue talking pure speculation based on your own imagination. Whatever suits you better



Do you want to stop being vague and snarky, and just spell out what the article/segment you supposedly read or saw said?


try google translate


So I’ll take that as a “no.” Your argument boils down to “no you’re wrong, they’re not saying that at all!”

Me: “fair enough. So what are they saying?”

You: “Go do your own research! It’s called the internet, etc, etc,”

Great contribution there.


Ok by the way, do you know that Martians are invading tomorrow. I imagined that I read it in the Washington post!

Thats your logic @DrewCutz


Yep. You sure got me pegged. We done here?


See the blue link. That’s clickable. Thats a link to actual news articles about the story. And you can use google translate to read it if you dont read Chinese. Then you can talk about it in a way that is not purely imagination based.


I already did spell it out.