UK man falsely accused of rape. Time for a law change?

This happned to my cousin twenty years ago. The woman in his case had also falsely accused one man before of rape. My cousin lost his job and his house despite being found not guilty by a unaminous decision. The case in the link below is almost a carbon copy of what happened to him twenty years ago. In both cases the women alleging rape were never charged with making a false allegation and their identities hidden. Perhaps it is about time for a law change allowing for the publication of a woman’s name if she is found guilty of falsely accsuing a man or rape.

There are plenty of rape cases, though, where the man is found not guilty, but where a rape may actually have occurred - maybe not enough evidence, maybe racism on a jury’s part, whatever. If women fear that if their attacker is found not guilty, they risk being arrested and convicted of making a false report, even fewer women would go through with a rape trial than now.