UK multi-culturalism under spotlight

I find this interesting as the same kind of multiculturalistic approach has been going on in the States for about the same amount of time, notably in California…

[quote]British politicians are not only having to review domestic security.

They are being forced to think again about the mix of liberal policies pursued by successive governments since the 1960s - collectively known as multi-culturalism.

Multiculturalism was designed to bring different communities together, but its critics argue it has only served to keep them apart. [/quote]

What is the saying? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Read the article here

It talks mostly about Muslim immigration to G. Britain, and notes the major turning points (for the worse) in Muslim communities: S. Rushdie; 9-11; and the London bombings…

The bottom line is, you can force people to live together, but you cannot force them to live together peacefully. And this is why I personally don’t like when governments institute experimental theories on real people.

That’s what the military is for.