UK pensions and opting out

Anyone had notification about needing to opt back into SERPS ( It has a fancy new name - State Second Pension)

I opted out at least five years ago, having taken advice from an IFA. Now the Norwich Union is “Strongly advising” customers like me to opt back in. I have not paid pension contributions for almost three years, so I guess either things have changed “This is based on our understanding of current government policy” or they have looked at my account to find no recent contributions.

At the moment, I have no plans to live in the UK, ever. I guess my best move is just to opt in and start making contributions when, and if I return.

Anyone had similar letter recently (6/12/04) and what’s your move?

in out, in out - we’re gonna screw you anyway


L :smiley:

Many people in the UK have received these letters - but don’t ask me what the correct thing to do is as I haven’t a clue either.