UK Travel

Hello guys. I need to make a trip to the UK but it is daunting. I am not even sure which airlines currently fly there: China Airlines at least I think. I need to book my flight, get covid test, send in a locator form with details of address and two covid tests during isolation in the UK. It would be a real comfort to do the airline booking through a travel agent that speaks good English. Does anyone have an address in Taipei? I realize this is probably somewhere in the thread, but I suffer from an eye condition (quite a serious one) that makes scrolling through lots and lots of posts quite excruciating (contrast between grey and white problem).

A simple address and/or phone number would be much appreciated. A Lion Travel branch perhgaps?

I used the UK govt website which listed all the airlines that were flying and which dates. Then i phoned the airline to confirm.

Thank you. The Taiwan government website?


It looks like the big players are China Airways, Turkish and Singapore. Turkish is frequent but Singapore might be the best. I can’t see any other airlines. Don’t fancy a change in IST right now.

Does it really make sense to use a travel agent rather than booking directly with the airline?

I haven’t been following the flights situation for a few months, but my recollection from the first few months of this thing is that travel agents weren’t really any better at refunding cancelled flights than the airlines…and they presumably charge a premium for doing so.

(I’m also a bit interested in the question - still contemplating a trip to the UK in the summer for my brother’s wedding, but currently leaning towards the side of “no chance”)

Just book directly with China airlines.

Right. I’m not really interested in travel agents. Just somewhere I can do the business in English and know what’s happening. I fancy one stop in Singapore seems the safest. China Airlines are okay, but there are multiple stops in lots of different places.

Should only be one, I did it to Taipei>Istanbul>London

How about KLM?

I never saw any KLM flights. Singapore seems to have the virus under control, but Turkey less so. Therefore, I’d rather change in Singapore–though Turkish would be my normal choice.

China was sometimes 2 stops, sometimes 1 and sometimes direct. But the direct flight was 50000 NTD.

British Airways starts flying to Hong Kong on May 20th. Twice a week, I think on Fridays & Sundays. So CX for TPE>HKG and then BA from HKG>LHR will be a good option.

CI China Air flies Non Stop for now into LHR (My friend flew this last month), EVA Air (BR) also flies Non stop or one stop depending on the day. I found Google flights a good tool to find flights .

Turkey went on UK red list, so I don’t know if that affects the carrier. I guess you would be hanging around Istanbul airport. Tgis option is probably cancelled now. Why isn’t Taiwan on the green list?

It looks like the green list includes safish countries with historical ties to the UK.

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I would advise you to book directly with the airline. But if you are going to use a travel agent you might as well phone one in UK?