UK University visits to Taiwan

If you’re teaching adults who have an interest in UK study then this may be relevant for you.

Many UK universities visit Taiwan regularly to meet potential students. Some of them also offer scholarships which make their courses even more attractive. Here’s the upcoming schedule for the ones I’m aware of:

19/20th October, Friday 3-7pm and Saturday 11am-2pm, Salford University for Banking and Finance. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE!

5th November, Friday afternoon, Nottingham Trent University for Art & Design (the largest school in the UK).

22nd November, Monday, The International Officer from Glamorgan University will interview students for all areas. They’re good for Business, etc.

Details and appointments can be had by emailing - please feel free to give this email address to your students and ask them to get in touch directly. Any questions from teachers can be asked here.

The British Council holds recruitment drives/information fairs on UK schools as well.

They just had one a couple of weeks ago, but they do it each semester.