UK Visa "No extension will be granted"

Hello, can anyone help,
Ive been here for 1 month on a 60 day single visitor visa issued in the UK. My visa is stamped “No extension will be granted” at the bottom???
Q. in order to re-new/extend it should i:

a. go to hong kong and get a NEW visa
b. go on visa run/boat trip come back and re-apply
c. extend it here by going to police station and enrolling for chinese school


It can’t be extended. If you want to stay, you can have it changed by studying or getting a real job and then filing the needed paperwork with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Or you can start all over and get a new visa for a country other than the ROC.

Thanks for that,
If i study chinese, do i need to go to a “proper” school or can i use the fake school?

ROC? so i can go to hong kong (PROC) also?

You need to search the Oriented site since all your questions have been answered somewhere here before.

a and b seems the same to be unless you are referring to a landing visa under b!? Anyway, c is not an option, even you get a job and all the necessary papers. At least I got kicked out during my application process though exceptions to the rule may exist …

Despite the ‘no extrension will be granted’ it is possible (but not guaranteed) that you can extend it by enrolling a few months in a language school, writing a short essay about why you want to stay in Taiwan and proving you have funds. This is true of 60-day but not 30-day (at least it was possible a couyple fo years ago.) I suggest you ring CLD and ask for Fei Fei but get onto it quickly.