UKForex/OFX for transfers to/from Taiwan



Has anyone used the above company for sending or receiving money in Taiwan? According to their website they offer this service through their UK office:

BlockquoteCan I send money from a Taiwanese bank account to Australia?
Sure. If you live in Taiwan, you’ll want to complete your registration with our UK branch. If you live in Australia, register now to send money to Taiwan with your Australian bank account.


I’ve used them in the past when I lived in Australia and was really impressed with the service, but I didn’t know they served the Taiwan market.



Just to update this.

This company don’t have any accounts in Taiwan, so you still have to make an international bank transfer in USD from Taiwan to their accounts in either Australia, the UK, or the USA. They will then send you the money from their accounts in these countries.

It may help to reduce fees for receiving money in your home country, however you still have to pay the international transfer fee in Taiwan so there are no savings there. I also haven’t compared their rates with the rates of local Taiwanese banks.