Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to August 2022

CEO of Germany’s multinational BASF SE, the world’s largest chemical producer, has warned that curbing or cutting off energy imports from Russia would bring into doubt the continued existence of small and medium-sized energy companies, and further would likely spiral Germany into its most “catastrophic” economic crisis going back to the end of World War 2.

Company CEO Martin Brudermuller issued the words in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper just ahead of German officials by midweek giving an “early warning” to industries and the population of possible natural gas shortages, as Russia appears ready to firmly hold to Putin’s recent declaration that “unfriendly countries” must settle energy payments in rubles, related to the Ukraine crisis and resultant Western sanctions.

According to Bloomberg he mused that while “Germany could be independent from Russia gas in four to five years” it remains that “LNG imports cannot be increased quickly enough to replace all Russian gas flows in the short term.”

No worries, just find some rubles. Can’t be that hard.
Or maybe turn over some of that German gold that your nation tried to get out of NY.

Ruble’s value is now completely arbitrary. There is practically no dealing between foreign currencies and ruble. The only reason it’s looking better on paper is because Russians now can’t buy foreign currencies at all. It’s the same with Iran. There are now two exchange rates.


NATO wary of Russia

So much in the article beside the ruble trade.
Rickards has own wiki page.
He was counsel (not part of investment team, just counsel) for LTCM, who took the wrong bet on Russian bonds, but then got saved by the Fed and U.S. investment banks, except for Lehman Brothers who didn’t participate in saving LTCM.
Hence, when Lehman Brothers was about to blow up during 2008, Wall Street didn’t save LB. But, you probably already know that.

The answer is that the only way for Europe to get rubles quickly is to buy them from the Central Bank of Russia using dollars. Under Putin’s plan, Russia still gets the dollars, still sells oil and natural gas but he has the added benefit of making rubles stronger because Europe has to buy them to pay for the energy exports.

Ukraine has hit a Russian oil depot

He can exchange the Dollars and Euros in Rubles, he gets a good exchange rate.

Well we need a mental break from all the doom and gloom

The orchestra played as the titanic went down ya know


The spring lambs are brought to the slaughterhouse. No one is going to believe they won’t go to Ukraine.


At 20% key interest rate, yeah that’s a strong currency.

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Nobody knows what you are talking about dude.

Breitbart, really?

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I have no eye deer what he is waffling about .

That’s the problem with all rightwing people, no idea what they are talking about.

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It’s not their responsibility IMO. They aren’t a news organization.
People using social media are responsible for themselves.

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:ru: :lying_face:


April fool :rofl: :partying_face:


It was first reported yesterday

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uhh duh? but they will send them to fight. russia lies out its ass. Like when everybody was saying an attack on Ukraine is imminent, and Lavrov the shit cuck laughed and said it’s all western lies. I don’t know if you have realized, but russia is full of shit.