Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to August 2022

If this is true, it’s terrible. WHAT were they thinking?

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which one of you is this going to be if China invades taiwan? high as a kite on LSD topped off with a cocktail of shrooms at the front line.

I think it’s true. Last week there are reports saying that the Ukrainian monitoring personnel at Chernobyl were fatigued and frustrated because the Russians don’t seem to care about radiation contamination. Even after being informed about the dangers of the red forest, the Russians completely disregarded the warnings and preceded to drive through, dig in the red forests, stirring up lots of radioactive dusts.

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Edward Luttwak is always worth reading

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When they say it’s not about the money
It is about the money

Even Russian media reported on this. However, I guess the Russian military could careless about radiation poisoning its troops.


Not sure if should post here or in the WTF thread: an oil depot in Russia seemingly has been attacked by helicopters and set on fire, around 30km from the Ukrainian border.

Either the Ukrainians found a way to further inflate huge brass balls, or Russia is totally incompetent, or it’s a fake (or even a Russian false flag action).

All those options seem very WTF to me. What’s next? Mathias Rust coming out of retirement to bomb the kremlin?

There are better quality videos, but here is one summarizing everything in slow-mo:


guy just flew 40km through air defenses and military infrastructure and casually blew up a fuel depot?

false flag? destroy your own supply? doubtful.

I’m going to say sabotage.


Reuters was one of the first to report this news. I wouldn’t rule out false flag.

We will see once they cry (or not) “Mommmyyyyy Ni kaaaan! They blew up MY fuel supply!”

You reap what you sow.

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Sorry, a little busy at the moment. The correct phrase, of course, is “reep what you sew.” :grin:


Yes really Brian its glaringly obvious your the one needs get a life :wink: 26900 posts from you VS 210 from me.
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I just find it staggering how outraged the Russians seem to be about it. They’ve been shelling civilian targets for weeks now, but the Ukrainians may or may not have blown up a fuel depot on Russian soil and it’s all “this is going to hamper negoitiations”. No shit, what about the thousands of dead Ukrainian civilians.

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Well, when you invade country after country…then complain NATO is trying to set up defenses along your borders so that is provocation to war…
A never ending loop. Russia attacks a country. Other countries get worried and threaten to defend themselves. Russia claims those countries are out to destroy Russia. Russia attacks another country…


what’s all this about?

wtf is taiwan doing?


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