Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to August 2022

The Nazi hunters who call themselves Wagner.


Good analysis of the Saki Airbase strike.

Ha ha. You have to laugh at the farce:

Not happy with Churchill:

Russian cargo trucks chased by a drone and into a waiting German made off-route anti-tank mine.

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Taiwan made ‘drone bomber’ supplied to Ukraine through Poland.

Company website:


Man, that’s friggin’ awesome. Their AR-1 Assault drone looks frightening.

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Nice find.

Once the friendship group is formally established, the two nations can substantially deepen bilateral ties. He revealed that he prefers the model that Poland has developed for exchanges with Taiwan.

Poland has a representative office in Taipei and has inked a number of agreements.


Kherson and Mariupol will be interesting comparisons.

Givem more than ten, c’mon. Give them 100.

What, and end a perfectly good war?

I thought about if I should post this or not, it’s Putin from a couple days ago. We can choose to dismiss what he’s saying and I’m sure many will. I would say though, I’m not sure it’s falling on deaf ears outside the Western world.

I only got about 2 minutes into this, he has no moral high ground to speak from

I agree, but he believes what he is saying 100%.

And what? Concede to someone because they believe what they’re saying?

I didn’t post to suggest such a thing, as I said, I wondered how this might be received in circles outside Western influence.

Can we start a new thread? It’s not July no more.

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Well if you guys look at the title of the thread, it now says April to August