Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to June 2022

“They” have been talking about WW3 in Russia for several months. It’s been used as a regular threat from the Kremlin.

The war could have been avoided if Putin hadn’t been in charge. In fact, I doubt it would have happened.

I’m not sure why you put they in inverted brackets, I’m aware Russia has been taking WWIII, they are at war. We in the UK are not.

Well he is in charge, so that’s a moot point. Ukraine doesn’t have an unlimited number of soldiers, have you considered what happens if their supply of soldiers basically runs out? You know, very high numbers of dead and wounded being reported every day or being surrounded or surrendering or deserting?

Oh, what’s this ?

Ukrainian army to leave battered city to avoid encirclement

NYT is reporting the same, today, I heard there were a large number trapped in a chemical plant. How easy a retreat at this point will be, we will see.

Please provide adjective.

Russia is not at war according to Putin.

I put they in inverted commas to add emphasis to the fact that you hadn’t identified who they were.

It’s moot that Putin is in charge? I don’t think so. I think it is a matter of debate and I hope that becomes an increasingly hot topic of debate in the Kremlin.

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I said in the UK.

I’m sure. Regime change, break it up into parts, more easy to dominate.


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You didn’t identify who they (is italics better?) are in the UK.

Do you want me to draw my own conclusions on your links or will you add some of your own content first?

Liberated Eastern Ukranians celebrating with fireworks

Car Bomb Kills Russia-Installed Official in Occupied Ukraine – Agencies

It isn’t in the Western MSM so it must be true!

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I meant the Brits, specifically it was brought up by a new Army commander See here then talked about in all the media outlets, in the UK.

Sort the comments at the bottom by best, pretty much along the lines of “screw that, fucking idiots want WWIII”

Safe play. :wink:

They is a new army commander. Gender non binary?

Media outlets are plural, they were reporting on the commanders comments and Brits in general, they were discussing them also, non too impressed either.

Ha ha. At least they weren’t those white supremacists.

Is he going to backdate it to the Russians in RockNRolla?

Or is there any point in ever replying to one of your posts?

This June 23 vid says they’ve arrived:

I don’t know if you’ve seen the June 22 vid posted below; it seems to contain a mixture of good and bad news.

Partial transcript (please pardon any errors):

(square-bracketed words added by me)

There’s at least one other interview in the video.


I remember reading about Operation Gladio back in the day.
Worth a recap. Or for some a lesson:

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If only Russia would stop invading and threatening to invade their neighbors, there would be no justification for such measures


I saw another Youtube video that indicated this was done through an NGO. FM Wu said Taiwan didn’t have any.

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